Saturday, September 24, 2016

Fall Fashion Wish List

Fall Wishlist

Since it is officially fall I have been clearing my closet and dressers to make room for new things. After I finished cleaning I thought of a list of items that I would like to buy this fall! To replace the items I got out my closet. All items are staple that I can't have enough of or items that I gave I just don't have yet! I also throw in a trend or two that I would not mind trying.

My Wish List 
Contains affilate links!

All Items on Sale 

1.Hat- My favorite fall accessory to wear for fall. It adds a bit of glam to a casual look.

2. Moto Jacket- I never own one but it would be cool to wear and add a touch of edginess to my outfits.

3. Fringe  Scarf- I have a lot of infinity scarves but not a single fringe scarf. I think I would like to switch it up a little bit and not where the same type of scarf.

4. Suede Skirt- To change it up a little bit because I don't own any suede skirts. I think a suede skirt would be a nice substitution from my denim skirts.

5. Satchel- Because it has been a long time since I brought a bag and it is about time to retire the main one I have.

6. Mary Jane Pumps- My favorite type of heel so far besides wedges and block heels.

7.Plaid Shirt- I thought I only add one plaid shirt but after cleaning out my closet I found another. I would like to add another one to my collection. You can't have too many plaid shirts in fall.

8. Cardigan- I hate wearing bulky layers because it does not get that cold in North Carolina, so a cardigan is essential in my closet. I also want another to help me transition my summer dresses into fall.

9.Collarless Shirt- Another great item to layer my favorite shirts over!

10. Ankle Boots- My favorite boot to wear because it is comfortable and looks good on me.

Stores Having A Sale 

TJ Maxx- Birthday Bash Flash Sale (Sept. 20-25) Free Shipping on Everything no code needed!

JcPenney  Super Weekend Sales Ends Sept. 25

Macy's  The Super Saturday Sale Ends Sept. 25

Forever 21  Up to 70% Off

Loft Up to 40% Off Code: SHOPSMART


What are items are on your fall wish list?


Friday, September 23, 2016

POPSUGAR September 2016 Must Have Box Review

I received my third must have box on Wednesday and I could not wait to open it up! It only took me about a minute to pry it open! But first I would like to thank POPSUGAR for my September MustHave Box.  I really enjoyed the first box and second box was interesting. So I hope that this box was combination of both and it was! So let me stop flapping and lets get on with the surprises! 

Disclaimer: POPSUGAR sent this box for me to try, so this is  sponsored post. 

The theme for this month is Glamorous, eye-catching, indulgent, bold, timeless, and sartorial.

The Must Have Items 

The Gluten Free Bites 

These are dark chocolate coconut bites that are vegan, gluten free, no GMOs, or dairy. 
But since I am not vegan I really did not know how it would taste. I really never ate vegan made products before so I was curious! I like the coconut flavor but that is about all I liked about it. It was kinda of plain and if it was not for the coconut I would not finished that one bite.  This is great product maybe for those living a vegan lifestyle but for me it was not! 

 Smith and Cult 

Lip Lacquer in The Warning 

Now lip gloss is something I can relate too! So I was glad to see this in the box. This Lip Lacquer  is from Smith and Cult. Which is a brand that I am not familiar with but I was willing to try it. 

When I opened it I realized it was a bold red color, which is something I do not normally wear. 
But when I tried it on  and it looked good on me. It also lasted quite a while which is what any woman would want in  a lip product. 

The cool thing about this is that is paraben and gluten free which is why It lasted so long. 
I also like the simmer effect and how you can apply a little for a subtle look or a lot for a really bold look. 
It also be layered with another lip stick or worn by it self. 

See the simmer! 


Mani-er Tool Kit 

NCLA was featured in the July box. 
I liked the nail polish and guess a lot of people like this brand so it was put in this month's box. 
This time POPSUGAR featured  a nail kit. 

I have plenty of nail kits but I guess it does not hurt to have more than one. 
But this one is worth a lot more than the ones I own and it has a cuter container. So it is keeper for me! 


Don't Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Mask

For a person with natural hair conditioner is your best friend especially when fall comes. 
This conditioner is something I will use a lot to protect my hair from harsh fall conditions and hat weather!  This conditioner is natural which is a plus for me because it has no sulfates, no parabens, no silicone, no phthalates, and it is color safe! 

I also like how you can condition it for 5-10 minutes (after shampooing) or do a deep condition for 20 minutes (with cap under dryer).  So I can do a quick condition and go or deep condition to really protect my hair. The condition also has a nice scent to it, so I am very pleased with it!


Lint Roller 

Since it is fall, this means that it is a officially sweater weather. This means that lint brushes are needed. 
And I really needed a lint brush, so I happy they included it. 
I like how it is so chic looking and how it has a cover which means I do not waste any of my lint rolls. You can even order refills at So this is going into my purse so I can have it to attack those linty sweaters! lol

Jack and Lucy 

Bicoastal Wide Brim Hat 

I love hats especially wide brim hats. 
I had this hat on for hours so it was love at first sight for me! 
I have a lot of outfits I could wear with this hat. 

I decided to style it with the only plaid shirt I have for the ultimate  fall look! 

Verdict:  I am very happy with this box because out of all of the ones I tried so far this one had the most items I could actually use quite often. It also  embodies the season quite more than the other two. It has a lot of items that are essentials for fall like the conditioner, the lint roller, and hat. 

Items in the Popsugar MustHaveBox:

The Gluten Free Bites 
Smith and Cult Lip Lacquer in The Warning 
NCLA  Mani-er Tool Kit
Briogeo Don't Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Mask
 Flint  Lint Roller 
Jack and Lucy  Bicoastal Wide Brim Hat


If you are interesting into learning more about POPSUGAR 

I have a  coupon code were you can receive $5 off your first musthavebox: SHOP5

Thursday, September 22, 2016

This or That: Fall Wish List

Fall Wishlist

Now I don't need animal print loafers but I would not mind having a pair to add a statement shoe to my collection!

Guess Guess
I am so happy that it is finally fall, even though it does not quite feel like it yet! But it is still fall so I am glad about that. I am so looking forward to finding some new fall fashion to replace some of my old favorites. But doing my search a came across a lot of expensive things that I love but would not be willing to shell out that much money! So I found some cheaper items that look similar to the my wish list items. But can you tell which of my favorite fall items is a steal or a splurge? Let's find out!

Contains affiliate links which means I receive a percentage on any item you buy. I also receive an commission per click.

Moto Jackets
It has been a while since I brought a new jacket. And one of the items on my wishlist is a moto jacket. I love a good moto jacket especially a suede one! 

Guess which of these striking jackets is a steal? 

Plaid Shirt

I have gave a lot of my old plaid tops away because I could not longer wear them. I also throw some away because they were very well worn. So I am in need of another plaid top! 

Guess which of these plaid shirts is a splurge ?

Military Jackets

I need to get a new military blazer to replace the one I throw away. I saw one of these blazers on one my favorite bloggers recent post. But I could not afford the one she featured. So I found a similar looking blazer that only cost $56!

Pick the one you think was featured by the blogger?

Guess      Guess 

Untitled #1226

Mary Jane Heels are my favorite because they are whole lot comfortable than most heels.

Guess which of these pretty shoes are a steal ($41)?

Guess         Guess

This or That: Knit Sweater

I found one these sweaters online on a fashion website that I love a lot! I could not believe that this sweater cost $185! So I went on to find another sweater similar in style and color! Guess which is the splurge?

Guess     Guess

Let me know how may of these #wishlist items did you get right!

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