Friday, October 21, 2016

Special Occasion Sales Spotlight

Special Occasion Sale Spotlight

Shop Special Occasion 
Whether it is a friends wedding or just getting ready for the upcoming holiday season 
take advantage of the deals that are happening now! 

                                                H&M Earrings $4.99

I could wait for October to finally come and seems that they month went by very fast! That means soon we will be celebrating Thanksgiving and other holidays (like Christmas!). Sometimes I don't want to think about all of those events but it I know it best to be prepared. Waiting to the last minute to buy an outfit or decorations for event makes the holidays even more stressful. That is why it is great to take advantage of the mid season sales that stores have know to prepare for your special occasions. 

Fall Decor
Sale Spotlight 

Fall Decor: Sales Spotlight

Before you know it Thanksgiving will be here so check out the stores that are having a sales on decorations. Some are even half price!


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Thursday, October 20, 2016

This or That: Cozy Fall Fashion

Cozy Fall Fashion

Plaid is an excellent staple to have for fall
Guess which of these coat costs $80?

Guess    Guess

One of the reasons why I love fall so much is that the fact that fashion is more cozy. Colder temperatures means wearing more cozy and comfortable fashion that we just could not pull off in summer. Even though I love wearing fall fashion I also love find inexpensive clothes. Especially when those clothes look like more expensive brands. Guess to see which of the items featured today is the steal or the splurge.

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This or That: Over the Knee Boots
Over the Knee Boots keep you warm in colder weather.

Guess which of these is the splurge 

Guess                 Guess 

This or That:Cozy Fashion

Guess which of these pretty blue sweaters is a steal?

Guess   Guess

This or That: Double Breasted Coat

Guess        Guess

This or That: Turtle Neck Sweater

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Color Trends: Airy Blue

Fall Color Trend: Airy  Blue
Airy Blue is a beautiful blue shade that is carefree!

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I am so happy that I am finally in my own home using my own internet. The flooded in my home caused me to be out of it for a week. We are still in the process of getting rid of the items and possessions that were damaged. It will be a while before things finally feel normal but I just glad to be in my home. 

Blue is a color I gravitate to because it is calm which is something I am craving lately. I think that is why when Pantone had as Serenity as the color of  the year I quite  happy. I was even more please to find out for fall they had two new blue shades. Airy Blue is the color I will focus on this week. Not only does is this color tranquil but according to Pan-tone it evokes freedom and lightness. I think that is why a lot of fall 2016 runways had this color in the featured design.

This color pairs with Warm Taupe,Dusty Cedar, and Lush Meadow. Other colors: Light pink, gray, black, white, purple, burgundy, silver,  and red.
Audrey Tautou by Shayne Laverdière for Marie Claire Russia

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