Sunday, February 26, 2017

Investing in Good Wardrobe Staples

Outfit Details 
Old Elle Lace Print Cardigan 
Old Mock Turtleneck (Similar) 

I read a blog where a person said that they felt bad about posting clothing that they could not link up! 
I know I feel the same way because a lot of the items I have are old. Like this Elle Sweater that I am wearing. I had this sweater for over four years! I am glad I brought this sweater because it was worth it. 

Tip 2: Pick items that are made well or made of good quality material. 

Sometimes I buy fashion that does not last really long. Somethings get holes and snags in it that I have to keep fixing it. But this sweater was not like that. No snags or tears after all of this washing and wearing. That is why it will probably remain in my closet for a long time. 
It will also remain a staple of mine because it is comfortable. And comfort is another great reason to buy an item. 

Tip 3: Buy fashion that you can actually wear! 

 Even though my sweater did not cost much it still lasted a long time. 

 Tip 4: There are sometimes you don't have to spend a lot of money to get a great wardrobe staple. 

My old cocktail ring I had for years!
I love wearing this ring and I wear it often. Sometimes more than the rings that cost more. 

Tip 5: An invest should be something you love to wear! 

Tip 6: Pick something that is classic. 

When I went shopping online during the President's Day Sale I knew I wanted to buy a classic item. 
Something I could wear for  years in that it will style be in style. That is why I choose to buy these flats.  I know they will look good with my other items too! And I hope that these shoes will remain a staple for a little while. 

                                                          H&M BALLET FLATS $9.99 
 I am wearing 9 1/2 M

And I actually like the fit of these flats. 
There not too small or too big.
But I do have to get use to the fact they are pointed toe flats. 
But after a few times wearing it I think I will get use to it. 

What good staples do you have in your closet?
Leave a list of favorite staples in the comment section! 

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Friday, February 24, 2017

Miss Selfridge 30% Off Sale

Miss Selfridge 30% Off Sale

I am going to take advantage of the sales going on because I have been getting rid of my old clothing that I can't wear or don't want any more. I mean some of the pieces I have been having for years. I guess it is time for me to get some new clothing for spring. Miss Selfridge is having a  30% off sale. This is a store  has affordable prices and of course the clothing is pretty. This store is on the top of my list for stores to get 

I am a Miss Selfridge affiliate and I may get a commission if you click on any of these links and purchase any of these products.

1. Nude Waterfall Blazer  This blazer would look take you from work to a night out with your friends.  Just switch from your favorite pencil skirt to a great pair of jeans. 

2. Pink Peplum Hem Shirt I finally own a peplum top and I love how flattering they are I would love to buy this one.

3.Pleat Bandeau Wrap Dress I love the color of this dress! I think this would be a good dress for spring.

4.Blue Scratchy Tote Bag  I am in need of some more bags because I usually keep them for years.

5. Pie Crust Floral Cold Shoulder Blouse Cold shoulder fashion is very popular. I would not mind trying it.

6. Clam Floral Sandals   Floral print fashion one of my favorite prints to wear but I never owned a pair of floral shoes. And I would not mind owning these because I love the watercolor detailing which makes it so chic.

7.Ballet Flats These flats take a classic staple to new heights.

8. Pink Ribbed Pencil Skirt I never really owned pencil skirt in any color besides black, until I brought one in December. So I am now a new convert and would like to have one this color.

Miss Selfridge US - Women's Clothing | Dresses, Petite, Coats & Jackets

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