Sunday, February 11, 2018

Why I Shop at the Junior Section

I bought this and a few others things at Target! 

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Grayson Threads Pink Lace Blouse: Here 
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Liz Claiborne Skirt: Here
Opaque Tights from Nonsense 
Dr. Scholl's: Here 

It has been a long time since I posted a blog post. I have been occupied with school and work. I am in the process of doing practicums and getting ready for midterms. This means you may not see that many blog posts. But  I will try to engage with others on my Instagram. Well, I am going through probably one of the busiest months so far, I will try to comment on others' blog posts.

Going back to school has been quite interesting and exciting. It has also caused me to be even more creative with my wardrobe. I have tried to work with what I got. But I finally came to a realization that some things were not just going to work with this new career. Comfort and function are the keywords for a teacher's wardrobe. So things needed to go and new will have to be added. The ruffle top I got for target a few weeks ago is one of the new things I added. You may be surprised that I bought this top and the one I am featuring today from the plus-sized Junior section!

Why Shop at the Junior Section 

To Save Money 

You may think a thirty old woman like myself should not shop from that section. I felt that way too especially looking at how a kid like some of the clothing in that section. I know that I don't want to wear  Elmo from Sesame Street on my shirt especially working as a teacher. However, you can find some items that are mature enough for you to wear at work. You can also find something that does not show skin either. That is why I bought two items from Grayson Threads at Target. This brand as plus size junior items that are affordable. Which is the main reason why I shopped at the Junior section, to save money. This shirt was over $8! Now that is a steal that most can find in the Women's section.

The clothing in the Junior section is a whole lot cheaper than shopping at the Women's Section. This is especially trying for those who are plus size. If you have not notice plus size clothing usually cost more even when the items pretty much looks the same than non plus size items. In order to save money, I looked a the plus size junior section. The clothing also looked better than some of the adult plus size options on the site.

A Pretty Plus Size Option 

A lot of plus-size fashion options can even be either tasteless or boring. I have seen a lot of plus size clothing that looked very cheap. This brand is not any of those things. This blouse is modern look for a plus size woman.

Fun Yet Classy 

I loved how this pink blouse fits and how it is modest. I don't have to worry about my bra strap showing or wear multiple layers because it is see through. This blouse also was a pretty shade of pink which could not be found in the Women's section of Target. Not all Junior Sections are quite this classy but Grayson Threads meets my standards.

Now, this is probably one of the only Junior clothing brands I will probably buy because of my age, size, and clothing taste. But it is nice to know that I sometimes have even more options. Would you buy from the junior section?

Here are some more classy and affordable items from Grayson Threads 

Sunday, January 28, 2018

3 Ways to Style a Turtleneck

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Cato's Fashion Eyelet Turtleneck Similar
Sag Harbor Skirt Similar
Nine West Similar

Turtlenecks get a bad rep. Not only is the name not so appealing but people often see it has something hideous. Some see it has something boring. But this sweater is a wardrobe staple. It is something you can wear in winter with almost everything which makes it a winner in that aspect. But since it is so much a place we can get in the habit of wearing it the same way. To prevent this I will show three ways I like to wear turtlenecks.

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Turtleneck Sweater Similar
H&M Pleated Midi Skirt Similar

This turtleneck would also be my favorite. This look takes a staple and adds it to a statement piece. I also love the fact it takes a neutral item and puts it pink. It is a fun meet bookish. Overall, is a chic look.

Outfit Details 

Cato's Fashion Turtleneck Body Shirt Similar
Gray Cardigan Here Here
Cato's Fashion Denim Skirt Here
Black Ankle Boots Here

How to style a black turtleneck

And last but not least the turtleneck that has an unexpected touch. 
The eyelet sleeves are  Most turtlenecks do not have embellishments but it is nice to find one with statement sleeves. 


This type of sweater may not be your cup of tea but it is a classic item that will never leave. It is versatile and can take many forms. If you are willing to embrace this sweater you can find something that works for you. Here are a few sweaters that you may like! 

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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Modest Monday: Tips for Styling your Cardigans

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Sag Habour Skirt Similar  Similar 
Dr. Scholls Beckoned Costs: $34.99 and up
Pearls from my grandmother 

For some cardigans are just something to layer over a top or camisole. Others feel it is something old-fashioned or nerdy about it. But for me, it is an essential that I can wear in winter or any season. They come in different styles, colors,  and materials. That is why I am not afraid to spend a little bit more money to find a cardigan in my size, especially since I am plus sized. With being said some cardigans work best for certain body types. Others look better with certain pieces. So we are going to discuss different types of cardigans and how to style them for you.

Tips for Styling Your Cardigans 

1. Chunky Knit or Ribbed Knit Sweater-

I got this sweater for TJMaxx and paid a little over $19.99 (plus tax) for it! What I love about this sweater is the fact it is a ribbed knit. I really don't have to worry about it peeling or getting a hole in it like thinner cardigans. This one also stuck out to me because it was thick enough for me to wear it without a coat on warmer days. I hate wearing coats so a chunky knit will be a winner for me!

As far as styling this sweater I decided to wear it with a knee length skirt. I felt a maxi would be too much with such a heavy top look. I also recommend wearing a chunky knit with a thinner top, like this ruffle top from Target. Or with a thin t-shirt like this look.

Mr. Rogers Cardigans Are Back

Source: In Style
SimilarKnit Cardigan

2. Cropped Button-up Cardigan- 

Fashion and Music : Photo

Source: Pinterest

Similar: Navy Cardigan

These are another staple of mine.  These cardigans hit at or above the waist. I usually wear my cropped button up cardigan with a fit and flare dress. The reason is that it gives me of a defined waist. When wearing them with tops avoid wearing cropped cardigans with a long tee shirt, The reason for this is because it will not look very polish.

3. Duster 

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Source: Who What Wear

Longline cardigans are trending for this year. The reason is that they are the most versatile cardigans. They can be worn with jeans, leggings, A-line skirts, and A-line dresses, and the knee length dresses.


I hope this has helped you to figure how to style your favorite cardigans. Just simply wear what looks good on your body and what gives you confidence. That way you will feel comfortable wearing your favorite cozy cardigan. In the comment section share some of your favorite styling tips or favorite cardigans. Also, don't forget to pin this blog post or the looks included to your fashion boards, to give you some inspiration in how to style your cardigan.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Valentine's Day Gift Guide Under $20 and Free Printables

Since my sister gives me a lot of gifts I decided to give her a few things. She always gets me little gifts just because she wants to do something nice for her little sister. Plus, she is and would always be my BFF! So I composed a gift guide of the products I know she will love.  Since I love these gifts I know she will love them too! But also have a few tips for how I came up with this gift guide. 

"There's nobody in the world that knows me better than my sister." -

Tia Mowry

Tips For Gift Guide:

Make a list of what a person likes or is interested in. For example, my sister loves cute statement-making things and natural body products.She is always the life of the party and is the friendliest person I know. She makes friends in an instant because of her warm and open personality.   Also, include things that define who they are meaning what is their personality. My sisters have a fun, friendly, sometimes girly personality. 

Also get things the person needs. My sister works at a newspaper and often bring her work home. That is why I included something to place on her desk and item to organize her papers. 

For more tips on how to find the best gifts check out this post

BFF Valentine's Day Gift Guide Under $20

Gift Guide Details 

All items are under $20! 

1. Clay Mug  Cost: $5.99  Here  My sister is a collector of mugs and this would be excellent.

2.Urban Expressions Crossbody Bag  Cost: $12.98  Here   I admire my sister bag picks and I try to borrow them! This one I will have to steal by the way!

3. Baublebar Ring Cost $14.97  Here  She loves statement pieces.

4. Junk Food Canvas Desk Art Cost: $6 Here  This would be a great desk decor for her and something fun to look at well working.

5.Mini Heart Pillow Cost: $7.99 Here  Decorating is also her passion.

6. Tonymoly Sheet Mask Cost:  $3  Here  I tried this mask and I love she would love how it makes her face feel.

7. pin Cost: $6  Here  Quirky items are thing plus she loves fries!

8.Shea Moisture Body Moisture Cost: $9.99 Here She love Shea Moisture products because they are natural and work for her sensitive skin.

9. Modcloth Travel Mug Cost: $9.99  Here For when she goes to work.

10.Philosophy Purity Facial Cleansing Cost: $15 Here To add to her skincare routine.

11. Asos Nap Queen Sleep Eye Mask Cost: $9.50  Here To help her sleep after a hard day a work.

12. Hanging File Folder Cost: $12.99 Here Great for storing her files. 

13. NYX Lipstick  Cost:  $3.99 Here   To complete her natural look!

14. Happy Sock Hearts Cost: $12  Here These pair of socks are what she needs to keep warm this winter plus they are cute!

15. OPI Got the Blues for Red Nail Lacquer Cost: Starting at $4.99 Here For when she wants to wear a bold color or for date night!

This gift guide is perfect for someone that enjoys life and loves humor, so I know it would be perfect for her. Whenever you create a gift guide for someone it should be for a specific person in mind.


Is there anyone in your life that would love these gifts? Maybe a friend, co-worker, or even for yourself. If so check out the gifts below. I also have a page with more Valentines gifts ranging in prices of $4.99 to over $200. 

(To check these products out just click)

Free Printables

Ps. I also included some cards you can give your bestie for Valentine's and Galentine's Day! 

"A gift consists not in what is done or given, but in the intention of the giver or doer. "

Lucius Annaeus Seneca

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