Sunday, January 14, 2018

Modest Monday: How to Find the Best Sweater Dress

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Sweater Dress from TJMaxx Similar
Catos FAshion Bangel Similar
Dr. Scholl Boots Similar

I had to take a little break to get myself together since school started last Monday. Also, the weather was too cold and too cloudy to take pictures. So now the snow and cold weather as left for now I decided to finally take a picture of my sweater dress look.

I know that sometimes that sweater dresses are popular in winter. They are great because of the cool temperatures. Any knit is great in winter for keeping you warm and cozy. It is a!so a great piece to layer with other items. But let's face it itis not very flattering.

The Best Sweater Dress for You!

Aline Sweater Dress

Women's Karen Kane A-Line Sweater Dress

This dress is more flattering because it loosens in the right place around your waist.

Aline Dresses 

Wrap Sweater Dress

Express Wrap Waist Crossover Sweater Dress

A wrap dress gives you a waist and slims your hips if you have a curvier bottom half.

Midi Length Dress

Women's Ribbed Ruffle Cuff Midi Sweater Dress - K by Kersh Black : Target

Great for tall or short women but also perfect for any outing or event. You can easily wear this for work or for the weekend. It also gives you enough coverage on those cold days.

Midi Sweater Dress

Fit and Flare

Women's Eliza J Fit & Flare Sweater Dress

This style is great with those who have a narrow lower half.

Fit and Flare Sweater Dresses

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Sales: What to buy in January

January Sales Spotlight

Featured Items 

Mango Zipped Biker Jacket Costs Was $99.99 Now$59.99 Here (Available in Blue too)
Forever 21 Cable Knit Ear Beanie Now $7  Here
Violet by Mango Was $149.99 Now $74.99 Here
Fitbit Blaze Pink Smart Fitness Watch Was $229.99   Now $179.99 Here
Baublebar Crystal Collar Necklace Was $62 Now $37.20 Here
Mango Oversized Flecked Sweater Was $39.99 Now $25.99 Here
Forever 21 Fringe Scarf Was $17.90 Now $13  Here
Violeta Leather Ankle Boots Was $129.99 Now $90.99 Here

Well, North Carolina finally has snow and it is probably more than what we are used to having. But in my area, we are doing fine because there are no power outages. But it will be a while before I venture outside and that is fine by me! This gives me an extra time to relax and enjoy myself. One thing I am doing to past the time is looking at the sales going on for this month. This month brings in a lot of sales. 

Why January has some many sales?

The new year not only brings resolutions and lists of goals but also sales. The reason for this is because stores are trying to get rid of items. Past holiday items have to be sold as well as items that have been there since fall. Also, they have to make room for new trends. Holidays such as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr day also brings sales this month. Look for days leading up to that day and later on. But not everything is on sale. These are few things you can look for on sale this January. 

What is on sale in January 

  • Winter Apparel

Untitled #1488

Featured Items 

HM Parka Was $59.99 and Now $39.99  Here
Forever 21 Brushed Beanie Was $7.90 and Now $6 Here
Trench Coat Was $60 and Now $33 Here
HM Jacquard Knit Cardigan  Here
Michael Kors Block Heel Booties 
Mango Ruffled Sweater Was $39.99 and Now $25.99 Here

All of the leftover winter fashion and apparel that could not be sold during Christmas is on sale now. This is a good time to buy the coat you have been eyeing or those pair of boots. 

  • Holiday Decor 

Christmas and New Year's  has just past and all of those decorations have to sell. Stores are marking does items down to make room for Valentine's Day and even Easter decorations. If you have room for more decorations or throw away your old ones this is the best time to stock up on new Christmas and New Year's decorations. So keep an eye out for home decor, lights, dining items, Christmas trees, and ornaments. Some of does same items can be used for Valentine's Day or perhaps an Anniversary or Wedding. 

  • Linen and Whites 

Stores have a sale on their linens and whites and expect to see at least 60% to 70% off. 

  • Jewelry and Chocolate for Valentine's Day 
Valentine's Sales Spotlight

Featured Items 

Godiva Chocolate Bars Here
House of Dorchester Chocolate Here 
Women's Argento Vivo Passion Charm Bracelet  Here 
Smores Candy Here
Estella Bartlett Love Here 

Since some people get engaged in Christmas or New Year's jewelry is often sold during does times. Stores are still looking to get those items off the shelf. So look for stores cutting down to 50% to 60% off jewelry. Chocolate is also on sale 15% to 20% off. These items will make great Valentine's Gifts! So live a hint for your sweetheart that these things are on sale. 

  • Fitness Items 

Fitness Sales Spotlight

Featured Items 

Boohoo Bag Was $35 Now $19 Here 
Puma Was $32 Now $25 Here
Adidas Originals Hoodie Was $70 Now $46.90 Here
SunnyLife Water Bottle Was $22 Now $14.97 Here
Adidas Sweatshirt Was $83 Now $58 Here
Nike Sneakers Was $110 Now $55  Here
Asos Jogger Was $35 Now $15.50  Here
Fitbit Wireless Fitness Tracker Was $129.95 Now $99.95 Here

New Resolutions or goals cause people to refocus on their health. If that being said they are more likely to fitness items in January. Stores now this which is why fitness items will be discounted this month. So if getting fit was on your goal list this is the right time to buy the items you need to be your best shape! 


I hope does who are experiencing snow are safe, sound, and warm. And of course enjoying these extra few days off or an extended holiday because of the weather.  You can use this time to relax or check out online sales. This would be a good time to use those gift cards you did not use yet! 

Featured Sales 

Forever 21  - 70 % 
H&M  10% Off 
Macy's 20% to 70% Off  with code WKND
Madewell 40% Off with code YESPLEASE
MANGO - 70% Off 
Saks Fifth Avenue 70% Off

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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Two Ways to Wear Dresses in Winter

Some people really don't like wearing pants. I am was of does people. I have always worn dresses since I was a child. But now as an adult, I still love it because it looks flattering on me. I also love the easy and comfortable appeal of a dress. You can simply put it on a go. But it can get difficult in winter. These are two of my favorite ways to wear dresses in the winter time. 

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Maxi Dress Under a Sweater 

What I am Wearing 

Cato's Fashion Peacoat Similar
Glitter Scarf Similar
St. Johns Bay's V neck Sweater Similar
Forever 21 Maxi Dress Similar
Timberland Boots Similar

One way you can wear dress is wearing a sweater over it. This is one of my favorite ways to wear my dresses but in particular maxi dresses. A maxi dress is often considered a summer staple but you can pull it off in fall and winter too! When reason, why it works in winter, is that you give you coverage which is perfect for winter. Pair it with your favorite boots. Make sure the boots are ankle or even knee-high boots.  Just make sure you hem it a little if you plan on wearing flat boots.
You can perhaps add some leggings which is what I do. 

With Black Tights 

What I am Wearing 

Calvin Klein Velvet Print Dress (Given to me by a friend) Here (only one size available )SimilarSimilar
No Nonsense Super Opaque Control Top Tights Here

This is one of the things I have been doing since I was a little kid. I always wore tights with my dresses in winter. But it can still be done in a classy way now they were are all adults! Midi or knee-length dresses are perfect with tights. This dress is also perfect because it is made of a thick material that really is appropriate for colder weather. But for extra winter layering, I am wearing No Nonsense Super Opaque Control Top Tights in XL. I like this brand because it has tights and leggings in my size, their inexpensive, and they are comfortable.They also do not snag as easily as other tight brands in its price range.  The reason for it because will not look bulky. If you hate black tights try another winter color that coordinates or matches your dress.  Also don't be afraid to try bright colors. No Nonsense has other colors besides black. Carmine and Shiraz would be great colors to wear in winter. Available Here 

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