Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Spring Color Trends: Lapis

Spring Color Trends Lapis

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More commonly found in jewelry. Lapis is a deep blue that derives its name from semi precious stone. This deep blue color is quite different for most shades of blue because it signifies a strength more so than softness. It  invokes energy instead of relaxation which is commonly associated with blue.

Lapis can be a nice alternative to black if you desire to wear darker colors in spring. It pairs well with lighter and brighter colors especially for this season! Would also look splendid with true neutrals like black, gray, or brown. Not only does it pair well with a variety colors can also be worn in all seasons, which makes it an excellent staple to have in your closet!

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Pale Dogwood
Primose Yellow

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Light Pink and Lapis

Greenery and Lapis

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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Black and White Floral Skirt

Off White Blazer Similar
Pearl Necklace 
Avenue Striped Floral Skirt Similar
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Nine West Pumps Similar

Black and White Floral Skirt 

This week has been crazy! The weather has been all over the place cold or rainy. I have been on the go all week and I am feeling so tired. That is why in my off time I had to plan for this post. Every detail had to planned. But sometimes life does not always go the way we plan! And this week was the case. 

That is why I went for a simple black and white look. This is something that anyone one can find in their closet. Something that they can wear all year. Rather it is winter, spring, summer, or fall this look can be worn. This look can even go from day to night! This skirt is really versatile too and would be a great add to your closet! These are a few tips to to style a skirt like this one. 

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Cold Weather Styling 

Since technically it still is winter  and it is cold today, I decided to style this for cold weather. Laying was one of the key things to keep in mind on a cold and rainy day like today! So I layered this sleeveless blouse with the thickest blazer I could find in my closet. If the temperature where you is very cold I would recommend a nice knit sweater instead of the sleeveless blouse. Neutral tone accessories would look nice with a black and white skirt.

Nanette Lepore watch gifted from Popsugar MustHave Box! 

Warm Weather Styling 

In warm weather a linen blazer would be a great substitute or maybe a cardigan. A pop of color would be nice with a black and white skirt like this. Rather a nice accessory or even a cute top.


If you are wearing this for work a blazer  like this would be perfect to wear. So would this close toes pump. But if you are going for a day time casual look you can wear a nice t shirt instead with a denim jacket. Sandals would be nice to wear instead of pumps. 

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Soul Sunday

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I had many defeats in my life. I was told by my college professor that I was not right to be at my first university. I  later failed and was put on academic probation. I felt defeated and was left wondering what to do. 

I decided to not let that failure cause me to stop pursuing a degree. I went on to earn two bachelor degrees with honors. If I allowed my failure to cause me to give up on my dream, I would have missed a great opportunity. A opportunity to allow God to move and open another door.

  I have many doors closed on me. I lost out on jobs and promotions but God had something better for me. I now work for myself and earn more money than I did working for others. If I had gave up I would have never experience the freedom of working for my self!

Don't allow failures or defeats to prevent you for allowing God to bless you! Keep believing in God and yourself. You will overcome your defeats if you keep holding on to God. He will bring you to your victory!