Sunday, December 10, 2017

Last Minute Holiday Looks

Holiday Look 1

Holiday Look One 

This one who be great for a holiday dinner because it is fun and cozy.

Tips: Always dress appropriately for the weather.

Ivory Tipped Cable Knit Jumper  Here
H&M Sequin Skirt Here
Sparkle Clutch Here
Kate Spade Stud Earrings Here
Bow Courts Here

I have been absent from blogging because I have been working and finishing up my first semester of school. I took a very long exam, completed on observation, and worked on numerous papers. I am glad to say I am finishing my first semester of school! Now I am justing waiting for my grades! I believe I will get an A in each class (praying for it!). I have about a month of but I get starting back, so I am enjoying this time off for the holiday season.

Since Christmas in about two weeks, I believe you all will need some last minute outfit ideas. I came up with some chic looks that would be good for any event you may go to this season.

Holiday Looks 1
Holiday Look Two
Great for a festive cocktail party!

Tips for Cocktail: Always check the time of the cocktail. If it is at night you will be more formal than a daytime event. Also look at the venue. If the venue is at a fancy hotel you may be expected to dress up.
Cocktails at a friend's home are always more casual.
If in doubt ask the host or hostess what the theme or dress code is for their event. 

Holiday Look 3

Perfect Outfit for a Christmas office party. No faux pas will be made with this look! 

Holiday Look Three 
Tips: Don't be afraid to add some bling to your office look!
Pair back with a bold color for your holiday look.

This look is also good for the minimalist. 

Always wear something comfortable and you will enjoy yourself! 
Parties are more than just looking good but feeling good as well. 

If it chilly were you are at don't forget a festive jacket or coat


Holiday Look 4

Holiday Look Four 

If you are bold enough to do the ugly sweater look than this outfit would be a chic take on it! 

Jackets and Coats 

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Sunday, November 26, 2017

Holiday Gift Guides Part One

Blogger Gift Guide
Blogger Gift Guide 

Gift Guide for all of your blogger friends and maybe even something for yourself. 

1. This book seems to be one of the most talked about books lately and most bloggers love trending items Food Health & Happiness Lifestyle Book • $16.99 Here 
2. Great for any blogger but really does who travel a lot. Anthropologie Cassie Byrnes Melbourne Portable Power Charger • Anthropologie Here 
3. Cameras are needed for any blogger  Instax Mini Camera Here
4. Perfect for fitness bloggers ban. do I Did My Best Exercise Mat Here
5. Everybody has one of these but for those who don't! Light Box  Here
6 For those who love doing flatlays . Ban. do Sticker Book Here
7. Another great item to include in pictures and a perfect read for lifestyle bloggers: Celebrate Everything Lifestyle Book Here 
8. All bloggers need a way to keep track with their busy schedules  Fringe Studio Get On My Level Large Agenda - Pink • $25.46 Here
9. Beauty bloggers would love this MAC Snow Ball Glitter Kit Here

I hope everyone has had an excellent Thanksgiving break. I spent some of my time working on homework, spending time with my family, and celebrating my birthday early. With so much time doing those activities, I did not have that much time for shopping. So I composed some gift guides for not only to help me figure out what to buy others and help people with their gift buying.

Introvert Holiday Gift Guide

Introvert Holiday Gift Guide 

Since I am an introvert I decided I would help those who may be puzzled at what to buy them. I know that sometimes people with my personality may seem hard to buy for because we may not be vocal about what we want. These are just a few things that they may like to have this Christmas. 

1. Metallic Headphones Here  Sometimes we just want to have some quiet time and these headphones will help. 
2. Kate Spade Notebook Here (Sold Out) Similar One is available Here A gift that allows introverts to share their thoughts 
3. Pillows we love our cozy items Here 
4. Cute Beanie Here
5. Rifle Paper Hardcover 2018 Planner  Any person would love to have a planer Here
6. We love things that are relaxing Here
7. EOS Berry Blossom and Coconut Milk Gift Set  Relaxing activities and products  are our thing Here
8. Ban. do I Am Busy Tote- One of my favorite sayings even when I am busy doing nothing Here
9. Most introverts love literature and this would be a great activity  Here
10.  Comfort is something we love Here

Gifts for Him

Gifts for Him 
It always seem so hard to buy for the men in my family. 

1. My dad loves pullovers and I know he will love this one Timberland Fleece Pullover Here
2. For those how love athletic gear Nike Revolution Running Shoes Here
3. For those who love music or just want something to block out noise Skull Candy Ear-Headphones Here
4. If he is going for the rugged man or be in a beard gang lol! This would be perfect for him Shea Moisture Face and Beard Wash Here
5. My father already has one and been enjoying it since father's day. But if you have not got one yet for the man in your life it is time now since it is on sale! Firestick Here
6. Another item to go with the SheaMoisture  Beard Wash- Baxter of California Beard Comb Here
7. Lugz shoes are something on my dad's wish list because they last for a long time Lugz  Shoes Here
8. For when it gets tired of his beard Harry's Winston Shaving Set Here
9. For the word nerd in your family! Snippets Word Game Here
10. Any guy would love these  Bedroom shoes Here

More Gift Guides will be posted soon! 

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My Goals for My 30s

Outfit Details: 
Catos Cardigan: Similar
Dress is from Ross: Similar
Handbag: Similar
Nine West Pointed Heel Flats: Available Here,  Here,  and Here

So today is my birthday! I am happy and thankful to God for blessing me to see my 30th Birthday! This year has been something but I am glad I got to this day and through this year. It is has been a whirlwind year. I have accomplished a lot of things but there are more things I want to do now that I am 30. 

One of my goals is to take better care of my health. I have been making great strides but there are some things I need to work on. Such as taking time to relax. With my schedule getting busier and busier, I must make time to relax. I must take breaks in between all of this work and just enjoy life. 

Treat Myself 

Treat my self to something nice. Like this dress because it has been a long time since I bought a dress and these Nine West Flats that feel so comfortable!  Most of the time I try to save money. Trying to save money has caused me to neglect myself. I don't know if I thought I was worried about spending money on myself or felt that I was not worthy of it. But I know now that I am worthy of spending on myself especially on something that can help me. 

Use my talents 

I know sometimes I don't use all of my talents or gifts. Some of it was out of fear and sometimes it felt that I was not perfect enough to do it. But I am going to use my abilities not only to help myself but to also help other people. I refuse to hold back my gifts that God gave me because I don't know how long I will possess these talents. So I am going to use them well I have them.  

To Finish School 

I finally figured out what I wanted to do in my career and that is to teach. I am working on my degree and I can't wait to finish it. This time I am sticking with it because I desire to become a teacher and help children to be lifelong learners. 

To be Thankful 

The Thankful challenge is going to be just a 30 days challenge because I want to be thankful. I want to be thankful for all of the things God has blessed me. To look back on these 30 years and be glad for everything even the bad things that have happened. It sometimes is hard to thankful during hard times but I am happy for getting through those events. 

To make Memories 

Sometimes I work so much that I don't take time just to enjoy life. To make memories with my family and friends. But for my 30s I want to take time to cherish and enjoy those times. I also working on trying to archive those memories not only in my mind but also recording it. I want to be able to enjoy this time and this age.

My Gifts 

Eos Pink Shimmer Lipgloss: Here
Nine West Flats: Here
Lecrae CD: Here
Decorations from Walmart 

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