Monday, October 16, 2017

4 Chunky Knit Looks

Get Cozy: 4 Chunky Knits
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You are probably wondering why there is no outfit post from me today. Well, I have been very busy this week with work, school, family, and church that I did not have time to take pictures. But trust me the look I wore to church was great. Hopeful, I will show the look later next month.

With the temperatures finally cooling down this week, I can now say that it is really sweater! With it finally feeling and looking like fall I decided it is time to pull out my favorite sweaters. One of them being chunky knit sweaters. I love how cozy chunky knit sweaters are and how they are perfect for chilly weather. But chunky knit can be found in many forms besides sweaters. Here are four ways you can wear chunky knits!

Knit sweater

Chunky Knits

I love wearing a cozy knit sweater on a cool fall day and I bet you do too! How's about pairing your favorite chunky knit with a plaid skirt. That is the essential cozy knit look.

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Knit hat

Chunky Knit Beanie Look

It is official I can now wear my knit hat or beanie especially on those bad hair days! I can also start wearing my plaid shirts. 

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Knit dress

Knit Sweater Dress

If you still love wearing dresses in fall a sweater dress is a perfect option. Pair your dress with your favorite pair of boots.

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Knit scarf

Chunky Knit Scarf Look

Last but not least a chunky knit sweater is a great accessory to have in fall and is considered an essential for those colder days. 

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Sunday, October 8, 2017

How to have Body Confidence

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Cato's Fashion: SimilarSimilar
Pearl Necklace: Similar
Nanette Lepore: Similar
Sag Harbor Skirt: Similar
Nine West Heels: Similar, Similar
Rosetti Bag: Similar

This outfit to date is my favorite! The reason is that I actually felt confident in. I was not worried about my curvey tummy or how my arms looked! I felt comfortable in what I had on. It was easy to take pictures today because sometimes it is a struggle. I think that is the reason why it took me so long to finally post pictures of myself. I did not want to put my self or body out there because I really was not confident how I looked. But after doing these few tips I feel my confidence about my body.

Stop talking bad about yourself

Have you ever said something negative about your body? It is time to admit it is a problem of yours. But you also have to stop it. The more negative things you say about yourself the worst you will feel. If you want to feel better about self you made need to stop!

Focus on what you love 

Time to focus on the things you love about your self. If you love your eyes say so. Take care of them and even make them look better.

Define Beauty on Your Own Terms

Now, this may seem the hardest because we are often bombarded by images and words from the media. They tell us what and who is considered to be pretty. Even though there have been great strides in media today when it comes to being diversified, there are still those who want to have a generic image of beauty. But do not let the media tell you that only one type of person is considered attractive because of not everyone else the same opinion on what is pretty. The media sometimes cannot make up their mind what is attractive and it will drive anyone up the wall trying to keep up with the changes! So it is time you start finding and embracing the beauty that is in you!

Think about what you can do

Focus on the fact your body can do things. For example, I focus on the fact that my legs can take me for a walk or even dance. This helps me to see my body in a different way.

Take care of yourself 

I decided to take better care of myself. I am eating better than I use to and I admit that  I am not perfect but at least I am making a change in the right direction.I also make sure I get my rest. That may mean that sometimes I may have to say no to people or things. But I am fine with that because I don't want to overwork myself.

Learn to relax 

Take time to relax and step away from your hectic schedule. It may seem hard at first but it may be the best for you.  Sometimes it is great to turn off your phone and get offline. Use that time to spend doing something fun with family or friends. Or even do an activity by yourself. Just do whatever gets you calm and happy.


I hope these tips can help someone because I know doing this has helped me. One thing I have learned is to not be hard on myself. I make mistakes but it does not mean I am a mistake. It just means that I am human and I have flaws. But I don't have to let it define me! And you don't have to let it define you either!

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Saturday, October 7, 2017

Sales Spotlight: Top Five Wardrobe Basics

Top 5 Wardrobe Basics

Sales Spotlight: Top Five Wardrobe Basics 

Topshop Blazer: Here
Bell Sleeve Top: Here
Mango Pleated Midi Skirt: Here
Asos Leather BagHere
Ballet Flats: Here

Since the no buy challenge is over and I got rid of a lot of old clothing.  I think it is time to buy some new items. But not too many because of let's face it I still have some quality pieces that I can use. And this weekend is the best time do a little shopping! But I have a wish list of items I would like to get. This includes items that I know will be great wardrobe staples in my closet. Items I can be in more than one season or stage in my life. Especially now that I am going back to school and becoming a teacher soon. So here are my top five wardrobe staples


A blazer seems to make an outfit look more polished. Plus since I am not a fan of bulky coats a blazer or jacket would be a great option for me.

Tops for all events

 I want to dress to impress but without overdressing! That is why I love tops that I can wear not only for work but a casual outing as well.

Just the right length skirts

I need skirts I know I can move around in because when working with kids teachers move a lot. I figured a midi skirt preferably pleated would be perfect for such a job.

A Cute Yet Functional Bag 

Who does not want a bag that can hold all of our stuff but it is still pretty? I know I do want that especially since I have to carry a lot of items while at school. I want something that looks chic but can hold notebooks, pen, paper,  and all those items we women keep in our bags!

Comfortable Shoes! 

When I went to do my second observation I realized that even some wedges are not that perfect for wearing in a classroom especially doing playtime! I mean my feet were hurting after 30 minutes! Terrible right? So I decided I may need to buy some comfortable flats.

  • J.Crew: 30% off your purchase! Use the code: GOSHOP
  • Old Navy: Fall Sale up to 50% off // clearance – style from $2.99
  • Banana Republic: Hello Fall Sale – 40% off your purchase + extra 10% off sale
  • ASOS: Sale up to 50% off
  • H&M: Up to 60% off select merchandise
  • LOFT40% off EVERYTHING with code: FALLFEST
  • Urban Outfitters: Extra 30% off sale
  • TopShop: Up to 50% off select items
  • MANGO: Mid season online sale – up to 50% off select items

  • What are your plans for this weekend? 

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