Saturday, July 12, 2014

Being beautiful and modest?

I was first taught to be modest at an young age. The church I attend is an Holiness Church. I was taught not to wear pants and immodest clothing. Immodest clothing was wearing splits, low cut blouses or dresses, midriffs bearing, sleeveless, short or mini skirts or dresses. I obeyed this as a child but really did not struggle with being obedient. But at times I would often hid my body under large clothing. 

I would wear baggy shirts sometimes even my dad's t shirts to school and every where I would go. My skirts were about two sizes too big. I can still wear the same skirts and shirts from high school and even middle school even though I am 26 years old. I found it hard to love my body and felt embarrassed about it. At times I really did not care about my appearance. 

But when I was in college I really started to notice that my save female classmates were still being modest in the attire but they were not dressing frumpy, boyish, or old. I started to buy more clothing that was not oversized t shirt or a big skirt that would almost fall down if I jumped too much. This especially occured now that I am in the workforce. I do believe that a women can be confident, beautiful, and modest. I am still  modest because I believe that my body is a temple (1 Cor. 6:19) and I should not be shown off as a commodity or an object. My body is for God and I am representing him inside and out. I am posting this to hope that  many others could learn the lessons that I learned through life. 

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