Monday, July 28, 2014

TBT Modest Icon Jackie Kennedy

Happy Birthday! Jackie O

Today is Jackie Kennedy's Birthday! So on behalf of the former first lady, I decided to have a post about her fashion. There is no other first lady in the 20th century that or even possibly ever that is often imitated and celebrated for her fashion.   She was always polished, lady like, and chic which resonated with so many women and still does. She also well mannered to boot which is what a Southern woman like me enjoys seeing. Here are a few style tips that women did and still can use today thanks to Mrs. Jackie O. 

1. Shift and a line  dresses are your friend! The reason is because it is forgiving to any shape. You can also dress it up or down. 

2. We also learned that pink is not just for little girls but for grown women! It is also an attention getter. 

Jackie Kennedy

Luxe floral print dress

Carolee necklace

Dents ivory glove
$15 -

Vintage Chanel pink classic medallion caviar skin tote bag

3. Bright Suits or Pastel suits can actually be tasteful. 

Tricky Trend:Bright Suit Jackie O style

4.Oversized glasses can make even a casual outfit look glamorous. Plus they also protect your eyes better. 

Jackie O

5. Flats can be just as dramatic as heels. 

What I also learned from her is that modest does not have to mean frumpy!

You can imitate Jackie O or when mix these tips with  your style and budget.  Just go to a affordable store, thrift store, and even a yard sale for some of these staples. Believe me even a recent college graduate can manage to sometimes like classy too! 


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