Saturday, July 12, 2014

Saturday Sales

Good Evening my modest budget belles,

Well I have worked hard today at my job and decided that I need to have a little fun. By having fun I mean looking at some sells  online of course. When I get my wages I hope to be able to buy some of these items I feature. I also want you to be aware of sales as well so you can buy things when you save  your money and of course pay your bills first. 

Shabby Apple has a Summer Sale. Their prices range from about  $20 and up. They have dresses that are mid length to floor length. They also have midi and long skirts. Blouses are also on special. They have dresses you can wear to school, to work, and to even a wedding all on sale. So enjoy shopping and saving this week. 

Next week I have another Saturday Sales. 

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