Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Color Me Good!

I know you have probably had the feeling how can these two different colors match with one another without making me look foolish? Well, I faced that problem before. I made to believe that everything that I wore had to match it other. Well that would sometimes lead to a disaster and I ended up looking like a hot mess. But I have found that completely different colors can go together like peanut butter and jelly. Now let me show you. 

Red and Orange

Yep that is Red and Coral/Orange together. You see I chose a red that had a orange tint to it, so when paired with the coral it did not look ghastly. 

Strawberry Girl

Red sleeveless dress

Collarless jacket

H m purse
$22 - hm.com

Bubble jewelry

Vans gradient sunglasses
$26 - asos.com

ModCloth Film Noir, Menswear Inspired, Pinup, Vintage Inspired, 30s,...

Yep she is wearing Red and Green. You may be shocked she does not look like a Christmas disaster. But here is why, she chose that right color green that does not like Christmas. She also chose white and black accessories to be as an contrast to bright red and green. The white in the skirt or dress also allows for contrast. 

So now you know my belles that you that have to be so matchy matchy when you pick out your garments. Now Go out and color the world whatever color you want it to be! 

Ta Ta for now!

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