Friday, July 11, 2014

Wedding dress

Good Afternoon Y'all!
I know how happy some might be when they get a wedding invite but sometimes you may cringe when you see semi formal black tie required. First you wondering what does that mean? On top of that you have to dress modest. I have seen one person online asking for help about a Labor Day wedding to attend. The person online handle is story645. She is going through what most will experience. 

What do I wear and still feel comfortable is another question 

in your mind So I will answer her question here. 

Now she is 5 foot tall which means she is on the petite size. 

So dresses have to be below the knee. 

It could be midi, knee length, or tea length.

Also she does not like satin/taffeta or dresses too tight. 

 Also it has to cost between $100 to $200. The dress 

must also go to her collar bone and 

if sleeveless must be able to must a cover up on. 

So off to modcloth for the first choice. 

Then Debenhams and Nordstrom have a few but 

Shabby Apple does have more options that 

are under her price range.So Shabby Apple is the best find. 

I hope that helps with dealing with wedding invite blues?

Wedding dress

Knee length dress

Long prom dress

Wedding dress

Party dress

Jenny Packham chiffon dress
$110 -

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