Saturday, August 30, 2014

Labor Day Outfits

Hello Belles,

Well I hope you are having an Happy Labor Day! Mine's will be good except for the fact that the rain caused my Aunt's big cookout to be canceled. But I am still going to enjoy myself. There are lot of activities I can do with my family and plenty of places to go. There is always the beach which is not too far from where I live. There are also a few festivals going on in NC and Virginia. All of them sound kind of fun actually. And of course there is always shopping at stores like Forever 21, Jcpenney, Belk, Catos, etc. Places that already have good prices on their prices but would actually be lower this weekend and Monday.  So I decided to make three outfits based on any activity you can do. 

Labor Day Outfit 1

outfit 1

Monsoon striped dress

Wide sandals
$13 -

Labor Day Outfit 2

out fit 2

Labor Day Outfit 3

outfit 3

Well whatever you do make sure you have fun  and be safe. 

XOXO, Belles 

PS: Here are some places you can go if you leave in the Southeast part of the US.

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