Tuesday, August 26, 2014

My Cousin's wedding

Cousin's wedding decor

Rustic Red and Gold Wedding Brooch/Button Bouquet. Fall Wedding,...

My Cousin's wedding is coming up soon. It is October 4, 2014 and I am excited. I never been to a fall wedding before so I was very interested in what it would look like. I also find it amazing that she is having such an extravagant wedding because she used want a wedding at her grandmother's house. But I guess deep down inside she always wanted to have a big dream wedding with all of the works. 

Her colors are red and gold. She  wants me and my sister to help her find decor ideas for her reception.  I chose two different color arrangements that I think would work for her.  So I chose did this first set. She really wants to use gold and a dark red. But I chose to add  a dark purple. Purple, red, and gold would also work and compliment the other two. 

My Cousin's Wedding

I am also thinking about what should I wear.  I already have a dress this color but it is a maxi, so I could possibly wear that. I am firm believer in using what I already have in my closet. Instead of going out and being a new outfit from head to toe. 

My Cousin's Wedding 2

The second look is something that I really think she would love because she is really set on the dark red and gold theme. She also does not want  big floral arrangements but would love candles on the tables instead. I believe she would probably love this one. I believe that was her theme ever since she was young girl. 

This look would also work for me because I already have gold shoes but I would have to find a dress this color. Most likely I would find something at JCPenney or order something online from Modcloth. My third option is to wear a gold dress which would work. 

 So I am very happy for her and the fact that she is finally getting the wedding she always wanted, even if she did not know at the time. 

So which decor she go with and which dress should I wear?Ps. I will be adding something to cover my arms. 

All of the articles of clothing are at $50 or below!

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