Monday, August 25, 2014

Summer to Fall: Denim Edition

Hello, Ya'll, I promised that I will continue with my transition from summer to fall post to help you get ready for fall. Traditionally denim is thought to be a summer look but it can be worn in the autumn as well. My first look is a denim dress. Now this dress has no sleeves but you place a jacket or cardigan over the dress. Or you can simply had a long sleeve shirt under it. Pair it with your favorite pair of boots for the fall or keep the heels but make sure to had tights so your legs would not be cold. 

Denim Dress

Forever 21 fancy jewelry

Make up purse

Blue home accessory

The second look can be completed for the fall by simply pairing boots with the outfit, pair of tights, and boots as it gets colder outside. The vest and lace top can be worn in the summer or even fall.  Note: to Emily C this is one way you can wear that vest!

Denim Skirt

The last look is based on fashion icon Olivia. Her look of a denim shirt can be worn in the fall by adding a darker color skirt and closed toe shoes instead of her open toe heels. Add jewelry to give the jean shirt a more ladylike touch.  Just remember you don't have to spend a ton of money because the weather is changing. Just simply use what you got and add accessories and clothing that can keep you warm. Also all of these items are $50 or under! God Bless and have wonderful day my belles!

Denim shirt

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