Monday, September 15, 2014

Modest Fashion Tips: How to style a V- neck shirt!

Hello My Belles,

Today I decided to give some modest fashion styling tips. To some people being modest is about a whole list of don'ts. But I believe on focusing on what you can do because focusing on the negative things often causes people to rebel or feel insecure about themselves. 

Now I know a lot of people say do not wear v necks because they are too revealing. So most women I know avoid them like a plague when they go shopping. Or they complain about not being able to find modest tops at stores. One lesson that I learned is that most stores do not have ready made modest clothing. So I often have to tweak the clothes I see and make them modest. You can do the same if you follow these basic tips. 

The first tip is to add a camisole or undershirt underneath the v neck shirt. You can find camisoles at walmart, catos, jcpenney, Forever21 if you do not want to break your bank. 

The second look is real appropriate for fall which is to add a collared shirt either short, long, or sleeveless under the v neck shirt.


That summer t shirt dress you have can also go under a basic v neck top or sweater. 

How to Wear a V-Neck - Outfit Ideas for V-Neck Sweaters - Redbook

A scarf  is a cute  accessory to wear over the v neck top. 

[ Modest ] S T Y L E on Pinterest | 1035 Pins

There are many ways to wear a v- neck shirt, so you do not have to shy away from wearing one. 

Images from Pinterest and Redbook 

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Lanae Bond

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