Monday, September 8, 2014

Rainy day joy, grits, and timberlands.

I woke up happy today! No the sun is not shining into my room or is it shining at all! It is pouring down rain but I am still happy. Some do not enjoy rainy days but I do. Because it is a day just like any day. It is a day that God has made, so I am going to look up and be happy despite how it looks outside. 

So I started this day by thanking God for keeping me and my family safe. I thank him for the provisions he has made for me. And I still thank him for this rainy day. 

So  I step out after eating my yummy grits, harmed with joy, my umbrella, and Timberland boots. Yeah,  I eat grits and wear Tims throughout the year. I been doing this for years before any Kardashian has done it( the Timberland part not the grits).  But to some my love for the yellow Timberland Nellies was not rational. My grandmother God rest her soul called them broke in shoes. My mother also disliked them but today actually wished out loud this very day for shoes like mine.

Despite Timberlands making a comeback,they are conformable, and last long if you take care of them (I had mine for years), people still hate them!

Outfit inspired by what I wear today!
Untitled #151

I believe it has to do with how some people usually wear them. I try to stay away from looking like a lumber back (another name my grandma called them). I wear my Tims but still keep my preppy look in tact so I want look like a hot mess. 

Another inspired outfit of mine
Untitled #152

So what do you think of these looks are they crazy, bold, boring, or cute?

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