Tuesday, September 9, 2014

"Southern Women"

Hello, my loves!

I hope by now that you all realize that I am black southern female! I am proud of it despite the stereotypes that surrounds Southern people in particular southern women.  Most people think we are all helpless and faint real easy like women in Gone with the Wind! But that is not the case from some.

So I not even going to go all into the negative things about southern women, but I just going to talk about what I know and experienced. None of the women I know are shrinking violets but workers in their family and faithful to their community. Now I came from a family of hard working women that have been nurses,domestics, missionaries, secretaries, bosses, worked in the fields, teachers, writers, and factory workers but still had manners, class, and intelligence.  Dressing and styling was an artform because they used what they had and made it look even better.  Their clothes were not expensive because they could not afford it. So many made their clothes or bought clothing from stores that were inexpensive. 

But you never could tell because they made it their own by adding their taste and key pieces that made a thrift store dress look off the runway.  So that is what inspired me that make a blog like this in honor of my grandmothers, great aunts, their friends, and women like them. And you from other areas of the world probably have more in common with these women do you think!

Sweet Southern

Mint blue dress
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Floral print jacket

Metallic pumps

Yellow gold bracelet
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