Monday, September 1, 2014

The real meaning of Labor Day!

To many people Labor Day is just a day for cookouts, parties, or just to relax. To some it is a day to go shopping or start putting away their summer wardrobe and exchange it for fall.  But that is not what it was always about.  Labor Day was once a day to honor workers mostly blue collar workers. 

It 19th century blue collar workers did not have a union. This meant that they had to work over 12 hours a day. This not only included adults but included children as well. Children along with adults worked in factories and mines. They often were injured and some even killed while working. The workers also received little money for their dangerous work which many to be in poverty and have poor health. There was more modest laws set forth over time but the conditions were still inhumane. 

This led to workers protesting and rallying for better rights and treatment. The first modern protest that was in September happened in 1882 in New York. It was initially a somber affair but later turned into a parade of people marching down the streets. This day was called the Day of the people. 

It was until over a decade later it became a national holiday signed by President Grover Cleveland. It became a national holiday on the first Monday in September in 1896. 

So let us really remember what this day is about. We should celebrate this day in being thankful for the changes. Even though there is still a lot to overcome as workers but let us be thankful that a lot has changed overtime. 

For more information read this article and go and find out more information about the Holiday!

God Bless!

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