Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Transition to Summer to Fall: Sweaters and Maxi Dresses

Summer to Fall: Maxi Dresses

The official start of fall is coming soon. But where I live in NC it seems like it is fall already today.  So I decided to do a post about how to take the maxi dresses that you have for summer and to transition them into your fall wardrobe. 

I own a couple of maxi dresses and was trying to figure out how I can transition them into my fall wardrobe. So I looked on pinterest and lookbook and and found that pictures of women wearing sweaters over their maxi dresses. 

My first pic shows you can take an over sized sweater over a pleated maxi dress and add a belt put it under your rib cage to make it look more polished. 

My second tip is to choose a sweater that coordinates with the maxi that you own. For example, I paired this mustard yellow sweater with a purple maxi which I think is very fall looking. Exchange your sandals for boots or pumps. Wedges look best. 

Autumn Dream

H m top
$33 -

Charlotte Russe low wedge boots

Deux Lux vintage clutch

Orange Gingko Leaves Spray 38'' at

Another tip is that if you a more billowy maxi dress pair with a small bag so a clutch because it does not make you look bigger than what you are. Add accessories that compliment your maxi dress. A hat with a maxi dress and a statement jewelry will make this outfit look more exciting. 

If you do not feel comfortable with an oversize sweater you can also try a crop sweater over the maxi dress. 

So do not put the maxi dress in storage keep it out and add a sweater or cardigan over it. 

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