Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Where to Find inexpensive accessories? Claire's

Hello Belles,

I decided to do a post just about accessories today. I know that sometimes when you go shopping you want to find accessories that cute yet inexpensive. That can sometimes be difficult because some stores charge a arm and leg for accessories that are sometimes not even name brand or made from expensive material. But there is one store that you may be surprised to find these inexpensive accessories. That store is Claires. But I know you may think I lost my mind because that a store for just little girls. But it is not believe me I thought so too.

I have shopped in Claires since I was a preteen but stopped when I was in highschool because I thought it was for babies.  But when I went out and about I met grown women in the forties that proved otherwise. I complimented these sisters on the cute jewelry that they were wearing. I was shocked when they told me they got it from Claires. So I started looking online and found that they still had cute and inexpensive jewelry and other accessories. Here are some that I found that I actually like. 

Single Rings

These rings cost around $ 4 bucks.

Set of Rings

These range from $9.50 to around $15



Starting from $12.50.

Head Wraps

These head wraps start at $8.50

I give you a word of advice check to make sure you get items that fit you perfectly.  If you do not want to shop their for yourself, you buy something for that a child in your family or one of your friend's daughters. 


Lanae Bond 

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