Tuesday, September 2, 2014

You can wear white after Labor Day!

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Rules Shmules White After Labor Day is A-okay!!


I know you have probably heard that you should not wear white after Labor Day but that is something that is old and outdated.  The ban on white after Labor Day was functional in the past for rich elite people.  History explains that the rich elite would just be coming back from their summer vacation around Labor Day. During the summer vacation they would mostly wear whites because it is particularly hot in the places they vacationed.  The elite would vacation in the warm springs of Virginia or even New York.  So when they came back from their vacay they would go back to wearing their "work clothes". They were only ones that could afford a spring/summer and fall/winter wardrobe. 

Fashion Industries followed the trend of the wealthy and capitalized on it to make more money. Stores is still doing that by getting rid of most white clothing, marking down the prices,  and stocking fall clothing. So you can wear white if you desire to break an old outdated and non useful rule.

Know here is one way you can transition your white clothing to fall. Just add a sweater and later boots for when it is really cold outside. 

27 of the best white on white ensembles

Know that look is my favorite because you can actually wear it now and in the fall. Just add an denim shirt over a short sleeve or sleeveless white dress. 

love this girl and her book and this is what I'll be wearing for my family pics! bam! nailed it! What I Wore: Beautiful Day, Jessica Quirk, Chambray, whatiwore.tumblr.com

Now this is also a white sweater over a white skirt but with a little kick to it by added the leopard clutch and tan heels. Add boots for the fall and winter.

leopard and blush pink

Know go out there and use what you got sweeties instead of buying an entire new fall wardrobe!

Love ModestBudgetBelle 

Pictures come from pinterest and polyvore. Check those sites out for  more white inspiration!

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