Friday, October 31, 2014

Friday Faves: October Edition

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There are so many things to love about October! The crisp fall mornings, the nice walks in the park,  finally pulling out your sweaters and other cold weather pieces. This is also the month of giving to others like Breast Cancer Awareness. Those are just some of the reasons why October was so enjoyable. 

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Good morning my belles,I am so excited! I have been waiting to do this Friday Fave the entire month. The reason being is that this is the first time I have done a post about my favorite things I have tried or seen this month. It includes not only clothes, but food, makeup, and recipes.  I hope to do it again especially in November (my bday month) and December. So here are a few of my favorite things!


Starting with Candy!!! I have massive sweet tooth passed down from generation to generation. So I love candy, especially  chocolate. So when I saw the M&M Candy White Chocolate Candy Corn ,I could not resist the chocolate. But I was unsure about the candy corn taste. I hate candy corn. So chocolate won that fight and I tried it. I actually liked it and could not mind eating it again.

Ruthanne Wright
I also tried the Bag of Bones from Cheetos. I was excited when I saw that bag of bones because I love white Cheeto Puffs and the local stores do not normally have  white Cheetos in stock. It was pretty good but messy. 

National Pumpkin was this month. So there were a lot of different recipes ranging from pumpkin cupcakes to pumpkin pizza. All of the recipes on pinterest look fab so I really had a hard time choosing one pumpkin recipe. So pumpkin related dishes is one of my favorite things. 



My sister signed up for with Julep beauty box. She received four polishes and she gave me one.
The dark purple polish was what I have. I gave myself a pedi. The color lasted for several days. I really do not have to do a touch up yet. 


I have not brought this yet but I have test the scent and I loved it.   



Olivia Palermo for Vogue Russia October 2014 has other modest looks but this is my favorite. 

Pin by Karen Irwin on Fashion | Pinterest


According to the Official Blog of Polyvore colors trending this month were black and orange, and nude. 

Untitled #228

Red sweater
$29 -

Pleated skirt

H&M black booties
$48 -

Favorite Fashion Advice 

Also my  favorite style advice for October is from  The advice is to shop from your grandmother's closet. It may sound strange but it makes sense. A lot of the items that my grandmothers' owned are now back in style.  Some things like accessories mainly jewelry are still relevant. It is also nice to own or borrow something that has so much history and importance to a love one.

So what are your favorite things for the month of October!?


Lanae Bond 

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