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TBT Modest Fashion Icon Audrey Hepburn


Sabrina by lanaebond featuring long sleeve shirts

I remember how there were few women wearing modest clothing on tv when I was a young girl. I also remember how most were wearing only pants. So I gravitated to old movies that showed on Turner Classic Movies. I just loved how elegant and lady like the women were on those movies. I loved how they dressed with such flair and femininity that was refreshing from the trends in the 1990s and early 2000s. Audrey Hepburn was one of the stars who wished I could dress like when I was older.  Audrey Hepburn was a classic film star and humanitarian  known for her talents and kind spirit. But to me and many others she is also known as a fashion icon because of  her  classy and sophisticated looks. This is way for my first Throwback Thursday post she is my favorite Modest Fashion Icon. So I decided to recreate some of her outfits and post the looks and lessons all women have learned from her.
Is It Vogue?

In Breakfast at Tiffany's was my favorite film because of all of iconic looks.
She displayed to women you're never too old to dress like a princess. 

Audrey and Leopard Print

Neon Rose white cap sleeve dress
$19 -

Slim coat

Leopard hat

In the movie Charade she had the most beautiful hats and coats.

She showed us in that same film how a little animal print can be classy. 

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She also proved that a string of pearls can make a basic black outfit  look fabulous.

Audrey and Elegance

Add a cardigan or blazer to complete your Audrey look.

H M red flared skirt
$48 -

Pointy toe pumps

Pink bag

Pieces jewelry
$14 -

She wore a lot of  mid length dresses. Her looks proved that modesty can be fashionable.

Audrey Hepburn

She would often wore basic black crew neck shirts. But she showed  every women that a basic crew neck shirt can be fashionable when paired with a glamorous skirt and accessories. 

American Vintage black shirt
$73 -

White skirt

Lucky Magazine

She displayed that a dress or skirt paired with flats can be an outdoor look.

Untitled #229
Tights are not just for little girls!

I believe in Pink

Vero Moda wrap top
$38 -

Oasis pink midi skirt
$40 -

ASOS pointed toe pumps
$40 -

Forever New gold purse
$44 -

Nor is pink 

Plaid can be fashion forward

Style Icons

We also learned that happy girls are the prettiest. 

Some people may not agree with this choice because she is not a religious figure but she is still my choice. She was a woman who dressed modest even when the sexpot trend was in full force in Hollywood. She also  was wise which can be seen in her quotes. 


Pin by Lanae Bond on my blog posts | Pinterest

Pin by Lanae Bond on my blog posts | Pinterest

Hepburn was devoted humanitarian. She campaigned for UNICEF and was the Goodwill Ambassador until her death. She was a kind hearted woman which made her even more beautiful. I hope she inspires you like she has inspired me.



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