Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Wardrobe Staples: Cardigan

Hello my belles,

Today I decided to post about wardrobe staples on Wednesday every now and then. Today I want to focus on cardigans. I considered cardigans to be a wardrobe staple not only for women that dress modestly but for all women young or old.

The cardi serves many purposes:

It can act as a cover up for a sleeveless dress or top.

Untitled #233

It can dress up a plain a white tee shirt.

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Or draw attention to a statement necklace.


The cardigan itself can be that statement.

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Make a plaid shirt look preppy.

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                           my blog posts on Pinterest | 259 Pins (clipped to

Give you that boho look.


The cardi can transition a white dress or a floral print  from summer to fall


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It can make you look taller if it is cropped. 
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or cinch your waist line if you had a belt. 


Here are cardigans under $20.00 

All images come from or pininterest. 

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