Friday, November 21, 2014

Friday Faves:DSW Gift Guides under $100

On Fridays until the week of Christmas I will do holiday gift guides/wish lists to help people to find gifts under $25, $50 or $100.Today I will focus on DSW Holiday gift guides. They have a contest on Polyvore called Get it Gift it. Shoe lovers on Polyvore have to create a set based on the items they have in their gift guide. Each day there is a winner. Those who win will get one item for themselves and a friend. So here are the three sets I created so far. 

Dsw holiday giftguide

In the Get it  side items are for me  and gift it is for my sister.My sister loves beanies. 

DSW Get it gift it 2
The headband is fab find because it costs $13.The gift it is for my mother. She wants a brand new pair of shoes.                                                                                  

DSW Gift Guide 3

 Items on the right are for me. By now you should know that I love headbands. On the left side are items for my Dad. He is a sports lover. He has the tendency to keep his wallets and bags until they fall apart. So it is time for something new.                  

Activewear jacket

Activewear jacket

Activewear jacket

One Wink gold jewelry $23

Head wrap headband $9.95

New Balance 515 Retro Sneaker Mens $60.

So check out and see if you can find a gift for yourself or for a love one. Also check out the DSW Get It Gift It contest. Join Shoe Lovers and Polyvore to enter.


Lanae Bond

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