Monday, November 3, 2014

Modest Monday Tips: How to find the best jean skirt for you!

Good morning my belles,

Denim in the Fall

Denim skirts has made a serious comeback this year. To some stylist and fashion experts it was a surprise. But it was not for me because I wear jean skirts almost daily. I have been wearing them for years whether the fashionistas deem them appropriate or not. My jean skirts are the equivalent to most women's pair of denim pants, so to me they are never out of style. 

Even though I never gave up on wearing denim skirts I have sometimes felt defeated when shopping. When I finally found a jean skirt in a store it was not the most flattering fit on me. So in need of a skirt to wear I would purchase these skirts despite how they looked on me. I later stumbled upon skirts that were flattering for my figure. These skirts I still wear and I try to find skirts just like them. So I finally learned what worked for me and today I hope my post will do the same for you. 

So here are a few dos and don'ts: 

Do by all means try that skirt on before you leave the store. You want to make sure it looks right on before you make a purchase. 

Don't buy a skirt with a lot of buttons on stomach or on the pockets. Skirts like these will sometimes not only be uncomfortable but look unflattering when wearing a longer shirt. 

Do tuck in your long shirt if you do happen to buy a skirt with a lot of hardware(buttons) on it. 

Here are the skirts that look flattering for each body type. 

for boyish or slim shape try a skirt with a high waist to give to enhance your shape. Mermaid or trumpet style would look best on a slim person. 

For a pear shape (smaller on top rounder bottom) 
a skater skirt would look best 

UNIQLO Women Idlf Selvedge Denim Flare Skirt

                      UNIQLO Women Idlf Selvedge Denim Flare Skirt (see more blue denim skirts)

hourglass figure a pencil skirt works best. Dark denim also compliments your figure. 
Warehouse Stretch pencil skirt

Curvy which is my body type need a aline skirt. Pockets on the backside should be avoided if you have a fuller bottom half. 

A person with a short figure can also wear a line but it looks better if the skirt hit right at the knee or little below.  A button denim skirt also works for a short female. Slim fitted skirts also work.


  1. That's helpful! I recently inherited some long straight skirts that look a little silly on my very short figure. I'll think about those shorter ones!

    1. I am glad that you found the tips helpful! I hope you find the skirts that work for you!


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