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Saturday Sales: Shopping and Gifting Tips and Previews

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Today I will focus on some items that I believe is a good deal or steal for the holiday season. I made some Christmas gift guides from stores that have sales today and even more sales in the future holiday season. My first is Macy's. Macys has items under $20, $30,$50, and $100 that would be excellent gifts for yourself are a love one. I featured some of my favorite things that are on sale.

My Macy's Gift Guide

My Macy's Gift Guide by lanaebond featuring a pyrex container set
Sweaters for teens can be as low as $10.

I love these products especially the chocolate.  The Godiva chocolate and Harry and David products are delicious and they have a variety of sizes and prices. 
Tip #1: If the candy is individually wrapped and can be given as  surprise in someones goody bag.


              Modcloth also has great deals and unique gifts.

Modcloth Gift Guide

                       If you are shopping for someone that is a                                      little quirky or loves vintage oddities try Modcloth.                                  They have a lot of items under $20 that would be a unique and memorable gifts. 

Glitter pumps

Round scarf


Black coffee mug

What Would Jane Do?

Forever 21 Gift Guide

                  Have trendy friends but on a budget, try Forever 21. They have marked down their apparel and are having a pre Black Friday Sale. Tip #2 small items such as the hair clips or ring can be given as stocking stuffers. Tip #3 great for Secret Santa gifts that are under $10. 

Target Gift Guide

Target Gift Guide by lanaebond featuring red ornaments

Target has a lot of gifts on sale some under $10 or $20.  

Tip#4 For a person that is difficult to buy for  buy a gift card. Then the person can buy what they want. 

                                                  Shopping and gifting tips 

                  Better Deals 
                Have a budget and stick with it. Doing so will help you enjoy your Christmas. 
                      Always  price compare. Some stores if you bring in an ad from another                                            store that has an item cheaper they will lower that price. I know that Walmart                                does that. 

If you are a member of a certain store club you may earn more discounts. 
If you are veteran or senior citizen you may earn more discounts as well.  

       Gifting Tips 

Make sure you know the size of the person that you are buying for. People grow or lose weight, so not everyone is the same size they were last year. 
When buying for someone buy something that matches their style or personality. 
Always give the receipt to the person you brought the present for. 
Please buy a gift that they can actually take back to the store. By this I mean a store that is nearby where they live at or least in the state the live in.  
Buy an extra gift or two  just in case someone gives you an unexpected gift. Sometimes you may score  extra gift if you take up the offer of buy one get one free. 

Here is a preview of Black Fridays for some of the stores featured plus more.



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