Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Trendy Tuesday Mixing Pantone Fall 2014 Colors: Aurora Red

                                   Pantone Fall 2014 

How to Wear the 10 Must-Have Colors for Fall
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Good afternoon,

Well I had a busy day today, consisting of running errands and going from store to store. So I am later than usually when it comes to my blog posts. But I really wanted to do this Trendy Tuesday post about mixing the Pantone's Fall 2014 colors. I know it can be hard trying to figure how to mix very different colors together to make a polish outfit. The feature color for today is Aurora Red. 

Mixing Pantone Fall 2014 Colors

These three colors go well together especially accented with the gold pumps. 

Group 2

Blacks shoes would look nice with these two colors. 

Aurora Red Group 3

Aurora Red Group 4

This pairing reminds me of an early Christmas!

These are just some of the Pantone colors that would go with aurora red. 

Tell me which pairing or group is your favorite!

Here is a great article from Cosmo magazine about mixing colors. 



Lanae Bond 

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