Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Trendy Tuesday: Mixing Pantone Fall Color 2014 Bright Cobalt

PinterestLast week I focused on aurora red for Trendy Tuesday and I decided to focus on bright cobalt because I love the color blue especially something so bright and bold. 

Bright Cobalt

Bright cobalt and aluminium look good together. The bright electric color of the cobalt looks well with the neutral aluminum. 

Bright Cobalt 2

Bright Cobalt also looks good with cognac. 

Bright Cobalt 3

To some Bright Cobalt when paired with aurora red may look like the Fourth of July but when paired with a metallic such as silver, gold, or bronze it looks more like a Christmas or Thanksgiving outfit. 

Bright Cobalt and Sangria

Sangria and bright cobalt is my favorite combo because they two colors enhance one another so well. 

I love Pantone Fall colors. I lot of  these colors  I have in my closet and had no idea how to transition them into fall or mix them with other colors. But with Pantone lineup of colors I am able to see how they look together and how they can be paired with other colors as well. Despite what some fashionistas may say I will continue wearing most of these colors rather they are trending or not. Because I believe in wearing what you love and what you can afford. 


  1. These colours look so beautiful together! Thanks for sharing this :)



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