Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Wednesday Wishlist: My Bday!

Happy Bday wishlist

Dorothy Perkins dress

Evening bag

Forever 21 jewelry

Body moisturizer

Beauty product

Silhouette Online Store: happy birthday slanted


Well about two weeks from now is my bday!!! So I decided to do a post about my birthday wishlist. I going to be honest I have not done a wishlist in a while. I use to do wishlists a lot as a kid. So decided to do some items under $50 that caught my eye. 

The gold clutch is from Burlington Coat Factory. I have not been there in long time and the clutch is very cute.I love clutches. 

I also would like some Julep nail polish. Hint to my sister!

I love Forever21 because their jewelry is inexpensive and cute. So I would like a set of these rings.

Cherry Blossom is one my favorite Bath and Bodywork products. It reminds of a fragrance my mom gave me when I was a child. 

I have DSW black booties already but two pairs of black booties will be nice! These are from Forever21. 

And last but not least is a Dorothy Perkins Peter Pan collar dress. I love Peter Pan collars and believe this would look lovely on me. 

So what do you think and what should I add?!


Lanae Bond

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