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Modest Monday: How to wear metallics and be classy!

Christmas For She Who Has Everything

Good morning my belles,

It is the holiday season and a lot of us are trying to figure out what to wear to a party or dinner. One way to glam yourself up for the holidays is to wear metallics. Metallics are bold statement pieces. But metallics can sometimes look a little gaudy if not done right. So I have a few styling tips about metallics.

There can be too much of a good thing-

Try to limit your metallics. Try to have at least one metallic item. If you are shy about metallics wear a metallic pair of shoes or bring a metallic bag. Small metallic details look more polished. Keep in mind if you have an area of the body that is your problem area like a curvey stomach you wouldn't want to wear a metallic piece on that area. Metallics draw attention to any area they are worn or adorned.

Untitled #293

Statement Piece-

                              Metallics can turn a basic outfit into something more dressy-

Pick a color right for your complexion-

Gold metallics look best on warm complexions. Silver looks best on light skin tones.

Keep it in the family-

Try wearing the same color metallics together. You can add variety by changing the texture of the metallic fabric.  Also match or color coordinate your metallics with the rest of your outfit. For example if you have on gold colored sweater, pair it with a  gold colored purse.

Oscar de la Renta Resort 2013
Oscar de la Rnta Resort 2013 (clipped to

Day to night-

Light metallics like rose gold or light gold would be perfect for day time. Darker metallics for a night out.
A metallic accessory can worn  for the day but a night you can wear a metallic dress.

                                   Day                   Night 

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The Fashion Canvas
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pleated poppy



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