Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Wednesday Wardrobe Staple: Aline skirt

Red A-line Midi Skirt
                                     An a line skirt looks good on everybody type.

          Red A-line Midi Skirt (clipped to

Good afternoon my belles,

Ya'll should know by now that I love skirts! But my favorite type of skirt is a line. The name of the skirt comes from the fact that it is shaped like a capital A.  A line skirts are very flattering to all body types. The reason is because they slight touch the hips and thighs. This means that it does not cling  for those who have curvy hips and thighs. A line skirts also are  narrow at the top. This is beneficial for those who want to show off their slim waistline or to hide their curvy tummy.  A line is definite wardrobe staple because it comes in a variety of lengths (from mini to maxi), styles, and patterns.   Here are some A line looks I love and some I even  created. 

Bien Fait Sweatshirt

                                                        A  full a line skirt always looks chic.

                                                   Bien Fait Sweatshirt (clipped to

aline maxi skirt

MANGO ribbed sweater
$47 -

Charlotte Russe heels stiletto

Black patent purse

Fashion Week Olivia Palermo

                                                           Olivia Palermo wears a line pleated skirt.
                                                Fashion Week Olivia Palermo (clipped to

a line maxi 2

Long sleeve top
$47 -

Jolie Moi long skirt
$52 -

Heels & pumps

Asos clutch

A gray a line skirt is a awesome staple in any woman's closet for fall or winter. 

a-line skirt
I simply love this plaid a line skirt and how she styled it!
It reminds of something from the 1950s. 

a-line skirt (clipped to

Girl with curves blogger owns the a line skirt!

Twirl (clipped to

a-line skirt
Another chic black and white a line skirt.

A line skirts look perfect on tall woman, especially a midi skirt. 

Our Epic Roundup Of Street Style Outfits To Try Now
A shorter aline skirt also looks great on taller woman. 

So do you consider a line skirt a wardrobe staple? 


Lanae Bond 

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