Saturday, January 17, 2015

Saturday Sales: Forever 21 and HM

Saturday Sales
Good afternoon,

With stores getting ready to pull out spring apparel and with upcoming holidays sales are in abundance. Stores are having sales on winter and spring apparel to make room for their new spring collections. Here are two stores that are having sales this weekend.

Forever 21 is having a sale on all items as low as .99!  A lot of items are already been sold out but here some items still in supply!

   Sweaters as low as $10!

Forever 21 Sales by lanaebond on

HM is also having a sale. Some items are only on sale for this weekend!

Sweaters and tops as low as $7!

                                                            HM by lanaebond on


 Here are a few tips about shopping!

Set a budget before you buy, I know some may not like that word but it is essential if you want to go overboard honey!

Shop in your closet First! Before I buy clothing or accessories, I do inventory of what I already have. One reason for this is to not buy the exact same article of clothing over again ( I have bought the exact same crew neck twice before!!!)

Another reason is to see what you need to buy. For example, you have this cute skirt someone gave you, but nothing in your closet goes well with. Before heading out to the store make a mental note  or write it down, that you need to find a top or tops that look great with your new skirt! By doing this you would not have article of clothing hanging in your closet you can't wear because nothing you own goes with it! 

With that being said buy something that goes well with a lot of things that you already own.

Also to stay on budget only buy what you need.

I hope everyone has a fab weekend whatever, your plans are!


Lanae Bond 


  1. Love all of these, especially the black sweater from Forever 21. Great shopping tips too!

    1. Thanks! I appreciate you stopping by and commenting!


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