Tuesday, January 20, 2015

I won!

Timex Contest Entry: How will you #WearItWell this holiday season?

This is the winning set!

Dorothy Perkins petite top, $26 / Formal coat, $38 / White skirt, $98 / Steve Madden slip on shoes / John Lewis black purse, $27 / 40mm Gold Glass Ornament (Set Of 12)-0250000530 at The Home Depot / Timex® 

Originals Classic Round

 I am so thankful to God, I finally won a big prize! In December I received an email stating that I won first place in the Timex #Wear It Well contest. I was excited and also saying you gotta be kidding me! I have been entering Polyvore contests on and off for a few years. But I really never won a prize like this before.

 It is hard trying to compete with thousands of people especially if a lot of them are talented and seasoned in it! I also found it difficult to figure out what Polyvore or the other sponsoring company wanted in a set. So sometimes I see these big contests and do not bother entering in it. But this time I decided to do it just for fun and created something that I would be pleased with. I put in clothes and accessories that I would love to wear. I personally love the set and I am glad that Timex and Polyvore both love it too.

PS. I really love the watch I chose and I can't wait to give the second as a surprise gift to one of my family members.


Lanae Bond 


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