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Modest Monday: How to Wear Bright Colored Tights!

modest monday

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You are probably think I am off the wall for the this post!

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Zuzanna Bijoch's Pink Portrait By Pedro Sales For Vogue Brazil... (clipped to

Last week I talked about how to wear leggings and I decided to follow through with tights. You probably already know who to wear the basic colored  tights: brown, black, white, or tan. But how to wear colored( bright colors) may elude you. You may also feel that it is a difficult or maybe tacky thing to do.A lot of women avoid it because they feel that it is not tasteful or modest. It can be modest if you style it appropriately and keep yourself covered.  But with with these tips if you are bold and confident enough to wear bright colored tights here are a few tips and hints. 

Lets start with the easiest thing to do, match bright colored tights with a black outfit. 


                                                          Tight (clipped to

                                         The same can be done with a white, cream, or beige colored outfit. 

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You can also match the bright colored tights with garment that has the same or similar hue. 

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If you are not ready for such bold colors try a lighter color.

                                    Also choose colors that coordinate with one another. 

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Stripes and other patterns look great with bold tights.

The Dos and Don'ts of Wearing Tights
Other tips: your casual outfit such as jean skirt and sweater could look more festive with colored tights.

Always go with what you are comfortable and confident with. If you carry yourself as  being comfortable and confident, you will always look your best.

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