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Modest Monday: How to wear Leggings!

Modest Monday

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Leggings with short boots are a must for the winter weather!

MANGO ribbed sweater
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Red Label ribbed legging
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Flare skirt
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Cuffed boots
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The weather has been crazy in North Carolina! One day it is 70 degrees and another as low as 30 degrees in the day! But it is still winter and on those colder days I pull out my leggings! Leggings are thicker than tights. I use to wear  leggings a lot as child but now that I have a job that requires me to work outside, I have started wearing them again. Leggings are perfect for the cold days but are really needed in harsher winter weather!  Here are some tips about how to wear leggings. 


Leggings look cute with casual skirt or dress especially for mid or knee length dresses and skirts.

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Dorothy Perkins dress

Red Label black legging
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H&M ankle boots
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Leggings are not what I recommend for a formal or semi formal setting such as work, a formal party, or reception. But if your job has a casual Friday or the dress code is more casual, leggings would be okay to wear. At my job I am able to wear leggings because we dress more casual.

Pattern leggings look great with a solid colored skirt or dress.  A patterned dress on the other hand would look awesome with solid leggings with no patterns.

Leggings come not only in a variety of patterns but textures. From leather, lace, and even wool.  Choose what you feel looks best.

Leggings come at different lengths. Calf leggings can be tricky with you feel that your legs are a problem area. I choose ankle length because it is more modest and it keeps me warm.

Colored leggings would be nice but wear with caution! Colored leggings draw attention to your legs. If you do not feel comfortable with people noticing your legs or you consider your legs as a problem area then do not wear them. Keep in mind colored leggings are a statement piece.

I do not recommend wearing leggings as pants if the leggings are more sheer or opaque  and your top is not long often to cover your bottom. Last thing someone wants to do is show too much skin especially your backside!

The Benefits of Wear Leggings:

Leggings are more modest than tights because they are made thicker and less opaque than tights.

Leggings are perfect for those cold and windy days when you are wearing flowing skirt or dress.

Leggings that top at the ankle look perfect paired with socks and boots to make sure your feet are warm and dry (on rainy days).

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Untitled #353 by lanaebond featuring a cable hat

Cameo Rose rose dress
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Red Label ribbed pants
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H&M short black boots
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Forever 21 cable hat


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