Monday, January 19, 2015

Modest Monday: My modesty may not be your modesty!

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Good morning my belles,

Occasionally  I get tired of writing about modesty.  I know it may seem harsh but it is the truth. It is hard writing posts about modesty because not everyone is in agreement about what modesty is. I always feel like I would get criticism because my outfits were not up to readers' modesty measuring stick. Let me give you a few examples so you can understand.

 Some people think modesty means no short sleeve shirts. Others think it means no tank tops or halter tops. When it comes to skirts people believe that their dresses should touch the floor and others knee length is okay for them.  Modest means a lot of different things when it comes to clothing choices. But this fact does not keep the comments away when it comes to a woman's fashion choices.

I have received feedback in the past that my clothing choices were not modest. Not my physical appearance was being judged but it was the accessories I put with an outfit in my polyvore set. The person told me to take out my bracelet and ring or be deleted from the contest.  I decided that since my belief did not line with theirs, that I should leave their group. Which in fact I did. It may feel like a small matter that I could have took care of by simply deleting the offending jewelry . But I really did not feel comfortable. I could only think what if I were to slip up and continue to displease the moderator with my "non modest" choices. Where is the fun in worrying about displeasing someone?! Some comments even through this blog made me feel if I was  not inclusive enough in the fashion choices because I did not include pants. If you have read my earlier posts (Aren't you cold in that? My experience with only wearing dresses), I do not wear pants! I wear only skirts and dresses, my blog posts reflect what I would wear or am wearing. So if  you see shirt sleeve shirts,knee length skirts, and jewelry I wear those things! I hope me saying this would clear the air once and for all on this subject!

What I wish people would do is to see what God first has to say about our physical appearance by reading the word of God. Second we should be led by God in how we dress.  Romans 14 covers how some may believe in one thing but others may believe in something else. Neither is to judge one another for what they do or to be a stumbling block for someone who is weak. Whatever your modest stance is I believe that we should not make a person feel bad because their modesty is not like ours. Also modesty has to deal with not only how we dress but who we behave. If we keep these three things in mind it would eliminate all of this fuss!


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  1. I found your blog through the Modest Mom blog link. Though I wouldn't purchase many of the clothing pieces or styles I have seen (partly because I make most of my clothes and partly because "my modesty is not your modesty!" smile) there are some nice ideas to include in styling clothing I make. I liked one of the teal green dresses a few post ago.

    1. We all have different style and tastes but we should celebrate those differences. What is the most important thing is that however we dress that God would dictate it and be glorified by it!


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