Friday, January 30, 2015

My Friday Faves: Jan. 2015

My Friday Faves: Jan. 2015

1Dolman Cocoon Cardigan-Plus Sweaters Cato Fashions (similar)/ 2. Aéropostale purple top / 3.Timex® Originals Classic Round/ 4. NYX lip gloss, / 5. Forever 21 infinity scarve (similar to what I received) 

Good afternoon everybody!

I did not get a chance to do a Friday Faves December Edition so I decided to include some of the gifts I received that I really love along with things I bought or received this  month.

1. I bought a cardigan similar to this one from Catos with the Vanilla Gift  Card I won from the Timex Contest. It was on sale for $12.  I absolutely love this cardi and can't wait to wear it!

2. I received a Aeropostale polo from one of my aunts for Christmas. I think they know I like polo tops!

3. I won this watch from Timex. I feel in love with this watch when I used it in the set.

4. I bought this lip gloss at Peebles. I never tried NYX lip gloss before but loved the neutral colors they had. So when I tried it, I realized that it smelled and tasty yummy. I did not know that the gloss I picked was called Sugar Pie which I think is cute especially since I am a southern girl at heart!

5. My aunt also gave me a infinity scarf similar to this one for Christmas. I love it and try to wear it as often as I can.

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