Thursday, January 22, 2015

This or That: Valentine's Day Edition

This or That
One of these shirts costs $1,085. Can you tell which one?!

                               Marc jacobs sweater, $1,085 / Saks Fifth Avenue black and white heart sweater

The one on the left is the steal at $45 and the one on the right is splurge. 

Good afternoon,

Since Valentine's Day is coming up I decided to do a this or that edition with a few festive items that would be great as a gift, wear it for yourself, or inspire you to make your own look for Valentine's Day.  Can you spot which one is the designer brand from the steal?

This or That                                         Equipment white top / Oasis polyester shirt, $38

           The black shirt on the right is the steal. Which do you like better? 

This or That

The purse on the right is the steal at $13! The one the left is $492. Which do you prefer?

 This or That


             The chain purse on the left is the steal! The one on the right costs over $300!

This or ThatShirt on the right is the steal costs $45 and on the left costs $470.

                                         Saks Fifth Avenue white sweater / Moschino Cheap Chic black sweater


This or That

 The one on the right is $23 and on the left $515. 

This or That by lanaebond featuring a black 3/4 sleeve top

               Yves Saint Laurent black 3 4 sleeve top, $515 / Chicnova Fashion heart print sweater  


This or That

The shirt on the  right  is $600 and the one on left is $35.

This or That by lanaebond featuring a heart shirt

                            Maison Jules heart shirt / Play Comme des Garçons black velvet top, $600
This or That

 Shirt on the left is the steal  which costs $30 and the one on the right $120. 

                                   Hallhuber black heart sweater, $120 / Oasis black keyhole top, $30

Do you prefer any of the steals covered here over the designer brand?

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  1. Leaning towards most of the steals! This is a great post idea

  2. What a fun post! It is utterly ridiculous to spend that much money on those things. I feel physically hurt when I see price tags like above.

    Thank you for being a proud member of Modest Fashion Network. We are so thrilled to have you :)!

    We just put up a modest fashion digest where we pick the top 5 blog posts EVERY WEEK! Only members are able to qualify, so if you'd like to participate, pick a recent blog post and submit here:


    1. Thanks, I am glad to be apart of the Modest Fashion Network. I know it is silly to spend a lot on clothing, especially when you can get something similar for a cheaper price! Thanks for stopping by and giving me a heads up about the top 5 posts!

  3. I always love finding cheap knock-off of the real stuff... It's so exciting! Also, I cannot wait for the Valentine's day this year - I'm going to surprise my husband with something big.

    1. It is exciting finding great deals! I hope you and yours have a great Valentine's Day!


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