Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Tricky Trend: Pastel Coats for Winter

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If you remember the runway shows for FW 2014/2015 you probably notice with all of the darker colors (blacks, grays, and deep purples and reds), there was also a lot of pastel looks for fall and winter (Fashion Show Themes Fall Fall Winter 2014-15: Pastel)
 Colors such as powder blues and soft pinks were mingled in with darker shades. Pastel coats was really trending on the runway. But even though models on the runway displayed this tricky trend, you probably still wondering how can I wear pastel in winter!? Here are a few hints and ways you can pair spring like colors with your winter wardrobe!

Untitled #370

  One of the easiest ways to style pastel coats is to pair them with dark neutral colors like                                                                      black or gray.                                                                            

11 Ways To Wear A Skirt During Winter

                       11 Ways To Wear A Skirt During Winter (clipped to polyvore.com)

Pastels in winter

Pastels in winter by lanaebond featuring a wool cocoon coat

Or you can style the pastel coat with other pastel colors. 

MANGO pink sweater, $42 / Little Mistress wool cocoon coat / Long black skirt / Mary jane pumps / Pink 

purse, $9.76

Rainy days

Rainy days by lanaebond featuring a totes umbrella

Shades of Blue

Brave Soul white long sleeve top, $38 / Duster coat, $18 / River Island box pleat midi skirt, $23 / Pointed toe pumps, $38 / Urban Expressions white purse

Combine pastels with darker and richer colors that are trending for this fall/winter.

Mixing dark with light

Untitled #371

Uniqlo drape sleeve dress / River Island pink coat, $45 / Therapy black lace up bootie, $20 / Akira Black Label beaded purse

Untitled #372

Oasis skinny belt, $30 / Duster coat, $18 / Crocs footwear / Nine West blue crossbody handbag

Why wear pastels in the winter:

To liven up your wardrobe with lighter colors instead of just all black and gray.
To drive away the winter blahs and lighten up your day.
To add femininity to your wardrobe especially when wearing moto boots or jacket.

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Lanae Bond 


  1. I've always thought pastel coats worked great in the winter. What I'd love to see is how to wear them in the Fall. That's where it seems like they wouldn't really work.

    1. Here is a great article about pastels in the fall:


      It seems that it can be done if you colors such tan or beige!

  2. I could do a post in the future about how to wear pastel colors in the fall, if you would like more looks.

  3. Definitely love the pastel coat trend!

    xo Kylie

    1. I love it too, especially the pink coats! Thanks for commenting!


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