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Wednesday Wardrobe Staple: Ankle Boots

Wednesday Wardrobe Staple
These ankle boots looks good with almost everything!

I absolutely love ankle boots. To me they are more flattering than higher boots. Also ankle boots also called booties were one of the top trends for Fall 2014 but these boots can be worn year round. This is why I consider these boots a wardrobe staple. These are just a few ways you can style ankle boots.

Ankle boots look great with dresses of any length. 

Wardrobe Staple: Ankle BootsWardrobe Staple: Ankle Boots by lanaebond featuring black ankle booties

Midi skirts look edgy with ankle boots 

Untitled #387

Dorothy Perkins sequin top, $26 / Oasis black skirt, $38 / H&M ankle boots, $38

A girlie skirt got a tougher edge with a leather jacket and harness |...

                           A girlie skirt got a tougher edge with a leather jacket and harness |... (clipped to

Ankle boots go well with longer skirts 

How to Wear Ankle Boots the Right Way This Fall

Untitled #390

Untitled #386

Wear ankle boots with fuller skirts 

Untitled #384

Untitled #384 by lanaebond featuring a midi skirt

Or pencil skirts 

Untitled #385

Untitled #385 by lanaebond featuring a white shirt

White Stuff white shirt, $26 / Little Mistress wool coat / Dorothy Perkins pencil skirt, $15 / Qupid peep-toe booties / Parisian House, pink, sea foam, mint green, roses, Paris Museum of...

FYI on Ankle boots: If you do not look high heels try ankle boots that are flat or wedge heel.

There are variety of styles of ankle boot, motos, chelsea, peep toe, paneled boots, studded, pike, etc) Try choose boots that suit your style and taste.

For example, sleek boots look better for work were as buckled boot or laced up work boot would look better for casual wear.

You can wear ankle boots year around if you feel comfortable with it. I will make a future posts about wearing ankle boots in the spring.

These boots can be worn with tights, leggings, and socks.

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  1. I am TOTALLY obsessed with ankle boots. I wear them all year round!

    1. I understand! Ankle boots are so versatile, what's not to love about them!

  2. I think only girls with long legs can wear ancle boots. They make my legs look shorter, the only way I can wear ancle boots is black boots+ black tights.
    Your post is great, to bad I can't apply it to myself

    1. Read this!

    2. Good article. They put in words what I learned by trying many different outfits. Thanks you


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