Monday, February 16, 2015

Modest Monday: Who do you dress for?

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Good afternoon y'all,

I know I usually blog earlier in the day but I had to assist a family member who needed my help. My motto is that family comes first! 

But the title for this post was something that was weighing on my heart for a few days.  We have all heard that old saying Dress to impress but who should we try to impress?  Our neighbor, our family, friends, co workers, or even complete strangers who should we dress to impress. I have seen countless woman battle with that saying. 

Mostly it comes in the form of trying to impress the opposite sex. Starting at an young ages girls have it drilled in the little minds to look cute so boys would like you. But as a person that is saved that kind of advice can turn real sour. In this world modesty sometimes is not often seen on the streets or on the media. Dressing to impress the world sometimes takes a lot of money and the lowering of one's standards to appease people. 

I remember has a girl how classmates would tell me I would look so much prettier if I wore very short dresses. Some would just  say ditched the skirts and dresses altogether for pants. Others wanted to make me over by putting on a ton of makeup. All of this advice I did not take because I did not want to impress my peers by being something I was not. 

A woman that is saved especially single should not try to dress sexy to impress anyone especially a man.  It is dangerous territory that leads to a woman being objectified even more by men. This why I believe that women (or men) who are saved should dress to impress God. If you dress to impress God you can never go wrong. Dressing to express people whose ideas about fashion change more than the seasons! One moment a look is in and the next it is out! Some of the inhabitants of this world are very fickle and to follow them would lead to confusion.

Also with dressing one way you probably  insult someone else which is why I wrote My modesty may not be your modesty! To some I may dress too plain and others feel I dress over the top! This is why I dress to impress God by allowing Him to by my guide so I keep my sanity and be pleasing to Him! How I let him be my guide is if I do not feel comfortable wearing an outfit I know that it is not for me. At the end of the day I want to satisfy God and to look my best!




Lanae Bond 


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