Friday, February 13, 2015

My Favorite Bloggers: Valentine's Day Edition

Good morning everybody!

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day! I am so excited because my sister and her husband are coming home tomorrow! I can't wait to spend time with them, especially catching up with my big sis! Since Valentine's Day is tomorrow I will do my last fashion inspired post about Valentine's Day and give you procrastinators some fashion inspiration!

50 Sexy Valentines Day Outfits for Girls

Nicole is a jack of all trades (blogger, model, philanthropists, covergirl, stylist, and a whole lot of other things. I think her versatility is why I love her style.   
 I love her blog  Gary Pepper and this Valentine inspired look is one of my faves. 

                                     50 Sexy Valentines Day Outfits for Girls (clipped to

I really could not find a dress and beautiful as her but I did find something that would be cute for Valentine's day.  

Untitled #445

                           Cutie fit flare dress, $43 / Pointed toe pumps, $35 / Mix No 6 black purse

Valentine’s Day | Lace and Locks

I really love Kim Le's blog Lace and Locks
She has such a feminine style. '

I have never seen a dress quite like this one before. 
It is very classy and unique!

What to Wear on Valentine's Day No Matter the Dress Code

Chiara's look is fun and quirky just like her blog The Blonde Salad: This Burberry shirt is very cute but also expensive! 
Below I created my budget friendly version of her look. 

Untitled #444

Untitled #443

I have feature Pink Peonies blogger Rach before in December. But she is one of my faves so I decided to include a look of her again. 
I really love this looks because it simple and the dress and coat she wears can be easily found in stores or online. 

Her is a link to her post about Valentine's Day:

Untitled #443 by lanaebond featuring a red dress

            Havren red dress, $47 / MANGO double breasted coat, $30 / Wide shoes, $30

Check by tomorrow for the last Single,Saved post!


Lanae Bond 

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