Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Winter Beauty Essentials: On a Budget!

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Good Afternoon,

I know I  am blogging later than usually  but I had some errands I had to run today. But I promised I would do a post about beauty products. Since there are about six more weeks of winter (Ugh!), I felt that making a post about my winter beauty essentials would be fitting. So since I believe in saving money I chose products around $10 and under. 

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Carmex lip treatment, $2.02 / Body moisturizer / Sally Hansen nail care, $7.99 / Beauty product / NYX lip gloss, $9.30

1. With winter comes dry skin and to deal with that I regularly use cocoa vaseline because it is effective and keeps my skin soft.

2. I usually switch from my regular face cleaner to one that is less harsh on my skin. So I use Clean & Clear foaming facial cleanser.

3. Carmex is something my mom turn me on to at a young age. She used to buy a lot of Carmex products for me when I was young. Now I am stuck on using Carmex to keep my lips smooth!

4. I mentioned on my page about natural hair products that I use and Cantu is one of them. I have hair that sometimes gets dry so I often condition my hair more in the winter than summer or spring to keep my hair from shedding.  I use Cantu leave conditioning cream because of the shea butter which helps keep hair soft.

5. In the winter my nails began to chip so I use Sally's Hard as Nails.

6. NYX products is something I mentioned last month but I really love how it makes my lips feel. It also smells good which is plus.

What are your winter beauty essentials? Are they budget friendly!


Lanae Bond

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