Sunday, March 15, 2015

Modest Monday: Pointed Toe Flats

Spring roses

Good morning,

I apologize for being absent from blogging but my job hours have increased until June. So I will probably blog about two to three times a week until June. But I am glad for the increased hours because that is what I wanted even if it is for a few months! 

I am also happy that spring is also around the corner (This Friday)! With spring means we can finally change our shoes from those winter boots to something a little more sleek. What I am referring to are flats! Flats are perfect for springtime because they keep your toes covered unlike sandals or flip flops.

 But when most people think about flats are ballerina flats.But the flats I am featuring today take flats to new heights! If you have not guessed I am talking about pointed toe flats. These flats look more chic and sophisticated compared to ballerina. The secret about this shoes is that it elongates your legs just like heels but are more comfortable. I try to feature more flats because I love wearing flats more than heels! I think most women who go for comfort over style would appreciate a shoe that has both. Also some women who prefer more modest looking shoes may like this flats more so than heels. What is also good about these shoes are that they are versatile, they can be dressed up or paired with a more casual look. Another great thing about pointy toe flats is that the come in all prices and some of less expensive shoes look just as good as the high end shoes.  You know I like clothing on budget but that look beautiful.  All of the items featured are $50 and under! 

Stripe Top

Silver Flats

Silver Flats by lanaebond featuring a circle skirt

                                            Alice You circle skirt / Charlotte russe shoes / Pink purse, $38

Wardrobe Staple


  1. Really lovely pieces.

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    1. Thanks! I know pointed toe flats are very classy and ladylike! I think that is why I love them so much.

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