Monday, March 2, 2015

Modest Monday: Why Modest Fashion Bloggers are Hated?!

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I was typing on my computer one evening and decided to look up other modest bloggers. What I found was this one site that was basically scoffing modest bloggers for many reasons. (FYI those posting did it under handles and made fun of All Bloggers!). The biggest issue they had if so many bloggers was their lack of modesty when it came to clothing. A lot of these modest bloggers that were mentioned were taking pictures of themselves in bikinis or talking about their lingerie collection.  I feel that this behavior is making it hard for those who really desire to be a modest blogger not only in the pictures they choose to display but the life style as well. For those who are behaving that way they need to make a clear declaration about their fashion and beliefs are different than other modest bloggers.

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Other anonymous haters claim they do not see a big deal in dressing modest because they are dressing the same way but serve no God or gods! They feel that they dress more modest than those who claim they are modest bloggers. I think most faiths that believe in modest clothing have failed to explain and teach that modesty starts in a person’s mind first. This may slow down the hateration somewhat. I hope those sceptics will finally realize that just because they wear a dress to down to the feet does not mean that they are “modest” person! That goes for everyone whether they believe in God or in themselves. Modesty not only deals with fashion, but our speech, actions, and how we spend on money.  

A lot of people that posted on the site thought it was wrong that a modest blogger posts pics of their very expensive clothing. They reasoned it was more egotistical than modest.  It may seem like those who post pictures of $100 dresses are being big headed but we need to realize that judging a person is not a good thing. But before they should judge someone they should remember this quote. 


We do not know someone else motives. We never know what it is in a person heart or why they are doing what they are doing. Those bloggers who may have expensive clothing may be receiving those goods for free, can afford it, or work for those companies. But we who do serve and believe in God most also watch how we behave. Our actions are constantly judged and watched.  Whether we are online or in our home we must realized we being watched. We must always represent God and let our light shine in this world. 

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Lanae Bond 


  1. Amazing Post! I never thought of myself as a modest blogger until I came across your blog! I like to dress and behave in the way that is pleasing in God's eyes. Yes being modest includes much more than just fashion but its a lifestyle and a way of living. I try to hold my own as a Child of God by showing the world and the people around me ,the God that is within me!

    Jasmine :)

  2. I know there are a some of bloggers that I follow that have a relationship with God and dress modestly but often do not categorize themselves as modest bloggers. I guess they feel that people would evidently know that there is a difference between them and other bloggers.The way they dress and write is so refreshing and inspiring compared to other more prominent bloggers. I guess that is why I end up following them because I can see a difference in them without them saying a single word about modesty! So I hope you and other like you keep on doing you and representing God because it is inspiring!


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