Monday, March 23, 2015

Motivation Monday: Being a Woman is a Blessing!

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When you sometimes look at the media and many religions you may feel that being female is not so great. With the news of domestic violence, assault, and unequal wages blasting at you daily it may seem that women are not blessed or even favored. But contrary to mass media women have made many strides over the course of time in the workplace and the laws that allow for women to have more rights.

I believe that is why internationally on March 8 the world celebrates Women. The entire month of March is  Women’s History Month. I know that some of blog posts and interviews about women are inspiring to many readers. But what inspires me and makes me glad to be a woman is by reading the Bible. The Bible does show that women are a blessing to not only their families but communities as well. Here are four phenomenal women of the Bible that will encourage you.


Hannah-  A woman who greatly desired a child but waited and prayed for the Lord to give her a son (1 Samuel 1:2-15). When she finally had Samuel she dedicated him to the Lord at a young age. She was considered faithful because she kept her promise even though it may have been difficult ( 1 Samuel 1:20-28). 

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Esther- Was a young  orphan Jewish woman who is chosen to be one of the King's wife (Esther 2:7). Once in the palace she becomes queen because of the favor of God in her life ( Esther 2:17). While as queen is is faced  with challenge and commits heroic acts that  not only saves her kinsman (Esther 3-8:14) but a whole nation (Esther 8-10). 

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Ruth- Even in the midst of pain the widowed Ruth remained loyal to her widowed mother in law,Naomi (Ruth 1). Well in the midst of  a foreign place she finds love, family, and peace.

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Mary, Mother of Jesus- A young  engaged woman who had  miraculous birth to the savior of the world (Matthew 1:18). When her son died on the cross she stayed near even to the end (John 19:25-27).   

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What woman in the Bible inspires you and why?


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Lanae Bond 


  1. I absolutely agree! To be a woman is our ultimate privilege. :)

    1. It is a privilege and thanks for stopping by!


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