Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Spring Color Trends: Strawberry Ice

Strawberry Ice

Peach pink dress / Lightweight jacket / Pointed toe pumps, $30 / Dorothy Perkins envelope clutch, $15 / Forever 21 analog watch

Good afternoon,

Last week  I asked what color readers wanted me to feature but received no answer. So I decided to feature my other favorite Pantone Spring 2015 color, Strawberry Ice. I love strawberry ice because it is quite different from the dark winter colors.

But this color is also my fave because it reminds me  of  those spring days as a kid enjoying a nice glass of  strawberry lemonade or ice cream sitting on my grandma's porch. I believe that this color may bring back childhood memories for those who love it!

What is great about this color it is considered a warm and cool color. Strawberry Ice allows for those who wear it to have a glow about them and still look refreshingly cool.  Strawberry ice  pairs well with more neutral shades such as toasted almond and bright colors like tangerine. So it can play both as a neutral and a bold color depending on it is paired with.

In the set I made I included lighter strawberry pink items like the heels  and darker shades like the purse. If you remember the Spring 2015 runway shows designers had a variety shades of strawberry ice some looking like a blush and others a soft coral. All the clothing items featured in the above set are under $50.

Tip: This color is fun yet sophisticated so do not be afraid to wear it at work or after hours with friends.

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  1. Aw! So lovely! I so love the shoes.

    1. Thanks! I know those shoes are beautiful!

  2. Nice Inspirations

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    1. Thanks!


  3. I love this color!!!! This is such a springy color and definitely reminds me of my childhood. I remember I had some sunglasses that color when I was young I used to love them sooo much! I need to get my hands on that dress too!

    Jasmine :)
    Color U Bold

    1. Strawberry ice does bring back those nostalgic feelings! I remember I had a dress that color when I was a kid! My mom looked to put me in pink clothes. I also need to have that dress! I wish I could find dress like that in stores and it be my size!


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