Thursday, March 26, 2015

This or That: Easter Edition

Untitled #522

Which of those pretty pink dresses are the steal?

Good Afternoon,

I hope everyone is having a good week so far. I have been pretty busy working over time at my job so I have been able to post as often or as soon as I wanted. I know that I am a little late posting about Easter but I decided to do a short This or That post. Can you guess which items are a steal or a splurge. The steal is always the favorite on this blog!

The Winner 

is this lovely dress featured above on the right. This dress is $18 compared to the other dress that costs $190.

         Wal-G LACE FIT AND FLARE DRESS (see more fit and flare dresses)

Untitled #517

One jacket is $44 bucks and the other $89. Do you know which one is which? 

The Winner 

This jacket is the steal!

Vero Moda Long Sleeved Denim Jacket

Vero Moda Long Sleeved Denim Jacket (see more pocket jackets)

Floral Dresses are  perfect for Easter

Untitled #518

One dress costs over $300 and the other $22.
Which dress do you say yes to?

The Winner 

Izabel London Abstract Graphic Print Dress

This or That

Which is the steal and which is the splurge?

The Winner 

Only $50 bucks compared to the other which costs almost $300.

Miss Selfridge Pink Mini Wing Tote Bag

This or That

Which one costs $97  and which is $42?

The Winner 

The skirt on the left

River Island Light blue lace overlay pencil skirt

I will be posting again on Monday about Modest Easter Outfits!

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    1. Yes, they are winners! But I have to say that the one that costs $42 is my favorite!


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