Thursday, March 5, 2015

This or That Thursday: Countdown till Spring!

This or That
This or That by lanaebond featuring a red biker jacket

One of these pretty pink jacket costs over $1,000 and the other under a $100.
Which do you like most the one on the right or left?

Good Morning, 

I am looking forward to spring! There weather has been crazy, one moment it is 30 degrees and the next in the 70s! I looking forward to some more consistent temperatures that spring brings. That pretty much is how the weather is in North Carolina! But it has not been has been that bad so, I cannot complain too much! But I am still counting down the days to spring! 

I am looking forward to shedding does bulky coats for jackets like the ones above. But like most people these days I am on tight budget and if I do purchase any spring apparel it would have to deal and not a spurge! So today I am featuring expensive  items that caught my eye  and the very similar and cheaper versions of those items.  Can you tell which is the splurge and what is the deal?

The First Winner is: 

The one on the Right 
River Island Coral leather-look zip biker jacket

Cost $92

                         River Island Coral leather-look zip biker jacket (see more faux leather biker jackets)

This or That

I  love denim skirts but at a bargain.
Which one is the bargain?

The Winner Is:

The skirt on the right
H&M Denim skirt
Cost $46

This or That
Bucket bags are trending this spring, which one is off the runway ($225) and the other the real way ($32)?

The Winner is the Mango bag on the left!

MANGO Studded Bucket Bag
Costs $32! 

MANGO Studded Bucket Bag (see more drawstring bucket bags)

This or That

Can you tell which one cost $23 and which costs $125?

Which shirt would you purchase for as your spring?

The Winner is: 

The shirt on the left 

Warehouse Stripe BF Tee

Cost $23

Warehouse Stripe BF Tee (see more stripe t shirts)

This or That

Don't you just love floral skirts! I bet you love a dress under $20 even more! Which one costs $15?

The Winner is: 

The dress on the left!

Dark Red Flocked Floral Scuba Skater Dress

Costs $15 

Dark Red Flocked Floral Scuba Skater Dress (see more print skater dresses)

Untitled #492

I really fall in love with one of these clutches but when I saw the price, I was shocked ($850)! So I found a cheaper version. Which one do you love, the this or that?

The Winner is: 

The This (leftside) 

Forever New Stevie Clutch Bag
Cost $27

Forever New Stevie Clutch Bag (see more chain handle handbags)

Untitled #491
One of these shoes costs almost $600 and the other under $40.
Which of these beautiful white shoes are a steal?

The Winner is: 

The this on the left side 

Charlotte Russe Qupid Python Textured Pointed Toe Pumps

Cost $33 

I hope you enjoy the This or That post, where the deal is always the winner!


Lanae Bond 


  1. I love these types of post! I got 1 wrong tho the heels haha! I love all the steals they are really cute!!! You make me want to go and shop lol!

    Jasmine :)

    1. Thanks! I know it is hard to tell some of the picks I apart! I love the steals too and some of them actually look just as good as the splurges!

  2. These are great! Love that pink moto jacket! Perfect color for spring!

    1. Thanks! I really love the pink moto jacket too, but I am lover of anything pink!


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