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Wardrobe Wednesday: Spring Cleaning Your Closet

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Good morning my belles,

Today I decided to do a post about spring cleaning! Since this blog focuses on fashion I decided that we focus on organizing your wardrobe or closet. So I will be giving you a few tips and ways you can organize your closet.

Last week I had a time trying to get more closet back into shape. My clothing was  disorganized for a while and I got tired of not being able to find the clothes I wanted to wear. So I went back to my old system of organizing my closet by color coordination. I group of my clothing according to color. So I have all of my items lined up according to what color family they are in for example all of the hot pinks, rose pinks, and strawberry ice colors.  I do it this way because it makes it easy for me to be able to color color coordinate and match items. Now I am not telling you have to be like me and organize it that way. But that is one of the many ways you can organize your closet. 

I also found another way that makes sense for those who want to downsize their wardrobe to a few key items. On Andi Williams website ( I found a good article about getting your closet ready for spring. In the article she informs of one way of getting rid of color is choosing  3 statement color (non neutrals) and three or more neutrals.  This greatly downsize your closet a lot  and to include  favorite colors and key pieces. She also stated you can purge your closet by a 50 or less key items that to create a more creative closet. I believe this is a great idea for those people who have a very small closet space or who get overwhelmed by a lot of choices. If you want more information about how to organize your closet in that manner here is the website:

Another way is to put your most needed items at eye level or in the middle of your closet. This is what I do with my black clothing because I wear a lot of black because my job requires neutral or dark colors. Least used items should be higher up.

Keep boxes and store your purses or shoes in them. This is what I do when it comes to my shoes. I always keep the shoes boxes and store the shoes in them. 

Keep a light or get new light bulbs so you can see in your closet. You do not want to go out wearing two different colored or mismatched shoes because you did not have a light in your closet. I heard that happen to people before!

Get the correct hangers for the clothing. This prevents clothing from being so wrinkled or falling off the racks. 

If you have small closet use hanging bags or storage to place shoes, jewelry, and other items in it to have enough space. 

So how do you organize your closet and what tips do you use?




Lanae Bond 


  1. These are some good tips! I am moving in the next few months and I get to start over with a new closet! Time to clean it out my old stuff!

    1. Thanks. When you are moving it is always good to clean out your closet, so you want have to carry so much with you! I hope you enjoy your new home and closet!

  2. These are great tips :) I definitely need to re-organise my wardrobe. It is quite small, and I really like the idea of using boxes and hanging bags for storage, I'm going to do that! Thanks for sharing!


    1. A small closet sometimes seem difficult but it is not! Using boxes and hanging bags work to help with a small space.

  3. Great tips Lanae! I was just thinking I need to do some spring cleaning so I will keep your ideas in mind!

    1. Thanks! I hope the ideas do work for you!


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