Saturday, April 18, 2015

Saturday Sales and Reviews

Saturday Sales April 18

Good morning,

There are still sales going on some until tomorrow and I have a feeling they would probably be more this month. Today Belks is having a sale that ends today. You can ordered online if you cannot make it to their stores but they only have free shipping if you buy over $50 bucks. So it might be best to go to the stores. But Kohl's is having a sale until tomorrow. Here are some of my favorite items on sale that are under $50.

Untitled #548

    Belks has a lot of printed items on sale. So if you are a fine of floral, chevron, and tribal Belks is the place for you!
Untitled #548 by lanaebond featuring sandals

Untitled #549

Kohls has some beautiful dresses and skirts under $50 but also name brand purses on sale too!. 

Stretchy dress

Candie's® Pleated Midi Skirt - Juniors

*Disclaimer: These are my views and opinions about the products. I am not paid for this review in any way.  

Untitled #550

H&M wedge sandals
$30 -

H&M white shoes
$12 -

Last week I decided to buy something that was on sale from the Saturday Sale stores I featured last week. I went with H&M because I have received in the mail a week earlier a card from them saying I could get 30% off on certain purchases. So I decided to go with the two shoes featured above. I got 30 percent off the wedge shoes so they ended up costing me $20.96.

When I received my package it was on time (Estimated time was April 16 or April 17), tt came on the 17th. Everything was neatly package and I had to separate the wedges because they were tied together. Both shoes were what I pictured they would look. The white flats were very white and the black shoes looked black. Sometimes when purchases shoes online they look one color but when you get them the look like another. In this case it did not happen and they are very cute shoes that I would probably get compliments about.

The fit for the flats was right but I would recommend getting them in a 1/2 size down because I believe in time they will stretch out. The flats did not have much support compared to some of my other flats but I figured they probably would not if they cost $12.95 and that was not the sale price.

The wedges fit well but I think I would recommend walking around in them for a little bit at home if you have not worn heels in a while. I also do not consider them comfortable enough to wear at work all day or for walking for a long time. But all in all they were what I expected because lets face it H&M is known for its clothes more so than shoes. If you purchase them keep in mind that they are not shoes for the long haul and last for years.


Lanae Bond 


  1. Your posts never disappoints me. I wish you have a physical store somewhere near my area. These are just my types of dresses. :)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Well, I am glad to hear that you liked the post and my picks! I wish these stores were in my area too cause I let to shop in person better than online! I hope you have a good weekend too/

  2. there are so many good sales this weekend!

    1. I think most weekends this month stores will be having sales. So if you miss one you probably catch another!


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