Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Truth: Watch Your Facial Expressions!

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Can you tell if Taylor is mad or just in deep thought?

Good Evening!

Today I had to work and if you read my earlier posts we would see that I have been working more hours. This is our busiest season giving tours to school groups. Today we had two school groups coming in (each were over 100 people)! On top of that we had regular visitors who joined tours. So I had a busy day giving tours and when you work a lot you do get tired.

As I working one of the young middle students asked me  was "I glad to see them and did I want to be here working with 8th graders because I did not look like it." He then stated "you must not like eight graders." I told him that  I was glad to be here working and to be doing a tour with them! But then he stated" I can't tell that you feel that way because of how you look." I then realized that my tiredness and focus on all the chaos ensuing around me  I probably was n't smiling ear to ear! Sometimes when you are tired you really do not feel like smiling like the Cheshire Cat! I am also a serious person so I do not smile alot but I realized that my lack of grin my read that I am not a friendly person.

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I have been accused of not being friendly a lot because I am not a perky and giggling type of person. I realized that even though that is not my personality I can still show how I feel and smile sometimes. A lot of times me and like other introverts we get so wrapped up in what's going around us we may not express that we interested in what is going on or who we are with. I and lot of other introverts should express your happiness by smiling or changing our stance to something that is more warm and inviting. Let people see you grin because a smile is a universal language that anyone person young and old can appreciate.  That is the lesson I learned today from a young child!


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Lanae Bond 


  1. I can't count the times people tell me their first impression of me is that I'm rude or bitchy. Because of my RBF. :P

    I shall remember to smile all the time. :)

    1. You do not have to smile all of the time. I tried that and it came off fake. But when I expressed that I was happy by smiling it came off genuine ,which it was!


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