Monday, May 11, 2015

Modest Monday: Modest Fashion Network!

I know last week I did a post about Modesty and this week was to be Motivation Monday. But I decided to break with the scheduling and write about a great network that I have joined and be involved in for a while. That network is the Modest Fashion Network.

This network motto and this  image is one of the first reason I joined!

This network allows modesty  bloggers and stores to network and share what they have in common which is  modesty. Both males and females are welcome! Not only is it open to diversity of genders but also religions and races. The diversity was another reason why I wanted to join because I often saw a lack of it in some other organizations. I believe our shared belief in modesty should bring us together instead of dividing us even more, which is why I often visit this site. There are also opportunities to promote your blog or business. 

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They have opportunities for members to post their links and contribute to the website by writing for them.  I often  link up my blog posts to the site on their weekly digest called Modest Fashion Digest. I love how they allow bloggers to not only have a chance for their posts to be read but to read others also. This is how I ended up finding some  wonderful blogs that I follow now! But what is also great is that none of the posts have to be just about fashion!

Businesses can also advertise on the website.  Members can also sign up to be models which I think is cool! Do not worry you do not have to be a professional model or a size 1! This network is great for up incoming bloggers or modest bloggers who want to communicate with others. 

So check out Modest Fashion Network and see how great it is for yourself!

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